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Designed to create facades of unique and stunning appearance; it is harder than granite, with a crystal appearance.

The crystallized 18 mm thick glass panel is reinforced by a fibre-glass matting and the panel is profiled with a 10 or 12 x 3 mm Kerf groove to facilitate easy installation onto two horizontal carrier rails (top and bottom). Other fixing systems are available and all are designed to ensure simple installation to reduce costs and the need for a specialist workforce.

Features and benefits:

  • Tested by Technology Centre Vinci UK Ltd. to CWCT guidelines to Standardized Building Envelopes: 2005.
  • Tested at Warrington Fire Group to BS 476-6:1989 and BS 476-7:1997.
  • All the versatility of granite, yet thinner, stronger, lighter and more resilient.
  • Anti-graffiti.
  • Free from moisture and frost damage.
  • Impervious to staining.
  • Curved sections available.
  • Hidden fixing system.
  • Quickest system to install resulting in reduced site programmes.

General information
Specification data - Drained and back-ventilated rainscreen cladding systems
Product Reference

TI Urban Glass®

Panels -

Landscape (horizontal)

Portrait (vertical)


Random stretcher bond

Stack bond

Stretcher bond




Horizontal joint

8 mm

10 mm

Vertical joint

6 mm

8 mm

10 mm






Black in white

Blue in white

Blue grey

Light grey

Light yellow


Yellow in white

Carrier Rail System

TI-A TI Undercut Anchor System

Bespoke and soffit application.

TI-G TI Tracking Generic Rail System, mill finish


TI-G TI Tracking Generic Rail System, powder-coated black


Preformed units -

Double Crank

Single Crank

Standard product features




18 mm.

System weight:

48 kg/m².

Wind safety:

±3600 pascals (Pa).

Cyclic wind loading:

±600–2400 pascals (Pa) over a 24 hour period.

Impact resistance (BS 8200):

Category B.

Product Options

Carrier Rail System:

- Standard:

  • TI-G TI Tracking Generic Rail System consisting of mill finish aluminium Mid Rail and Start/ End Rail, including EPDM gasket and panel dividers for stack/ stretcher bonded layout.
  • TI-G TI Tracking Generic Rail System consisting of powder-coated black aluminium Mid Rail and Start/ End Rail, including EPDM gasket and panel dividers for stack/ stretcher bonded layout.

- Bespoke and Soffit Application:

TI-A TI Undercut Anchor System consisting of BWM horizontal profile rail, top adjustable clasps, bottom rigid clasps and 10 mm deep M6 undercut anchor.

Preformed units:

External corners, window, curtain walling head returns, soffits and window jambs dressed and filled available in maximum dimensions as above with preformed returns from 40–200 mm maximum, all preformed returns in excess of 60 mm will be mechanically fixed by undercut anchor attachment and patented load bearing bracket assembly, consult manufacturer.

Oversized stones:

Leave selected glass units oversized in length to accommodate deviations within building structure, cut to precise dimensions taken on site. Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.

Panel sizes:

To allow for greater design flexibility, a number of panel sizes at 3% of cladding m² area as standard are allowed for.

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