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ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cables

ThermoSphere Membrane Heating Cables


Underfloor heating cable designed for installation within the screed layer of new builds or renovation projects where floor height is not an issue.

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Suitable for use as underfloor heating with:

  • Timber substrate.
  • Heated wetrooms.
  • Single or double ply over a ceiling void.
  • Anhydrite based screed.
  • Insulated concrete screed.


Combined underfloor heating and uncoupling system suitable for use with tile and stone floors.

Features and benefits:

  • Robust - suitable for use in high traffic, heavy-use areas; the stud structure transfers the load to the sub floor without risking cracks.
  • Heating cables can be laid with variable spacing depending on required output.
  • Uncoupling layer neutralizes the stress caused by different rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor, which reduces the risk of tile delamination and cracking.
  • Studs and fleece backing in the membrane allow water vapour to escape effectively, allowing for tiling over a substrate that is not fully cured.
  • Can also be installed on walls and sealed with the ThermoSphere waterproofing kit as part of a heated wetroom.
  • Range of control options including wireless and remote (specified separately).


Suitable for use as underfloor heating with:

  • Timber substrate.
  • Heated wetrooms.
  • Single or double ply over a ceiling void.
  • Anhydrite based screed.
  • Insulated concrete screed.

General information




Decoupling membrane, easy waterproofing, carries electric underfloor heating cables




Lifetime garanteed

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_60_36_28 Electric sheet underfloor heating elementsPrimary


T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

Specification data - Electric sheet underfloor heating elements

Product Reference

ThermoSphere Membrane


Insert size or drawing reference. See 'Options' below for standard sizes.


130 W/m²

195 W/m²



To be specified separately.

Not required



Waterproofing paste, HDM-WP-01

Waterproofing tape, HDM-WT-01

Product Options


Varies according to desired output and length of standard heating cable:

  • HDMC-012-0150: 1.15 m² (130 W/m²); 0.8 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-018-0225: 1.73 m² (130 W/m²); 1.15 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-025-0300: 2.31 m² (130 W/m²); 1.54 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-031-0375: 2.88 m² (130 W/m²); 1.92 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-037-0450: 3.46 m² (130 W/m²); 2.31 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-050-0600: 4.62 m² (130 W/m²); 3.08 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-061-0750: 5.77 m² (130 W/m²); 3.85 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-075-0900: 6.92 m² (130 W/m²); 4.62 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-100-1200: 9.23 m² (130 W/m²); 6.15 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-125-1500: 11.54 m² (130 W/m²); 7.69 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-150-1800: 13.85 m² (130 W/m²); 9.23 m² (195 W/m²).
  • HDMC-200-2400: 18.46 m² (130 W/m²); 12.31 m² (195 W/m²).


  • 130 W/m²: Heating cable laid with a three-row spacing. Suitable for a primary heat source.
  • 195 W/m²: Heating cable laid with a two-row spacing. Suitable for areas of higher heat loss e.g. conservatories.


  • Width: 1 m.
  • Length: 5 m (area 5 m²) or 15 m (area 15 m²).
  • Colour: Blue.

Heating cables:

Consult manufacturer's literature for further details (cable length, output and resistance data).


- Waterproofing paste, HDM-WP-01:

  • Coverage: Joins: 300 g/linear metre; Membrane: 4 kg/m².
  • Supplied in 5 kg buckets.

- Waterproofing tape, HDM-WT-01:

  • Coverage: 10 linear metres.
  • Supplied in 10 x 1 m rolls.

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