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Rigid profile extruded in white PVC-U used to close cavities of 50-100 mm at external doors, window jambs and sills.

Available with standard expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation (white), or extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation (pink), which is pre-grooved to offer cut lines for regular cavity sizes.


  • Provides an effective DPC and thermal barrier between frame, inner and outer wall leaf.
  • Exceeds the minimum thermal resistance path of 0.45 m²K/W stipulated in Robust Details Limited Thermal Bridging and Air Leakage.
  • Rigid profile extrusion allows both first and second fix.
  • Suitable for all frame and sill positions.
  • Durable and resistant to decay.
  • Insulation option to suit requirements both thermally and for fire rating.
  • Simple on-site trimming to cope with non-standard cavity widths.
  • Low ECO points rating. Ozone depletion level of zero. Global Warming Depletion level of 4.4.

Satisfies NHBC Standards 2006. Complies with Building Regulations Approved Documents C (2004 edition), L1 and L2 (2006 editions). Complies with Robust Details 'limited thermal bridging and air leakage'.

Specification data
Product Reference

CC2.4 EPS/Multi

50–100 mm cavity, 2.4 m length.

CC2.4 XPS/Multi

50–100 mm cavity, 2.4 m length.

Standard product features

Thermal conductivity:

- Insulation:

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS): 0.038 W/m·K.
  • Extruded polystyrene (XPS): 0.028 W/m·K.

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