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The A2T Public Transport Escalator

The A2 family of escalators offers a wide range of tread sizes, inclines, widths and lengths. Every unit is quality engineered and finished to the highest specifications. The products all carry a wealth of safety features as standard. Passenger safety is a top priority.

The A2T range of escalators offers options for tread widths, unit widths and lengths. Each unit is robust and finished with stainless steel panel balustrades. This model is ideally suited to demanding environments such as public transport systems.

Features and benefits:

- Smooth and quiet ride:

Designed on the principles of minimal friction, vibration and noise, offering not only a superbly smooth and quiet ride, but also benefits from minimal wear and fatigue, high efficiency and offer exceptional durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Features include:

  • Low vibration and low noise motor and gear drive.
  • Acoustically treated one piece die-cast aluminium steps/pallets.
  • Robust truss structure.
  • Rigid and precision guide rails.

- Energy efficiency:

In addition to the standard efficient worm gear drive, numerous options are available to enhance the energy efficiency:

  • High efficiency helical gear drive.
  • Motor energy control.
  • VVVF control.
  • Auto start/stop control.

- Advance control system:

Escalators include an advanced ADV microprocessor control system designed specifically for escalator and moving walkway application. The ADV control system closely monitors and controls operation with the following control capability:

  • Dot matrix LCD or LED display.
  • MP3 voice announcement.
  • Automatic start/stop control with passenger detection and time.
  • Schedule operation.
  • RS485 communication link for interface to BMS or remote.

All equipment fulfils the safety requirements of the EC Directive, carries the CE Mark and complies with BS EN 115. Stannah is quality assured to ISO 9001 accreditation. Escalators are manufactured using the highest quality materials and components to the most exacting standards.

General information
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Product Reference

A2T Escalator


3000–9000 mm.

Step -
Step width

600 mm

800 mm

1000 mm


Silver painted die-cast aluminium alloy, yellow synthetic resin demarcation line


Black painted grooves



Natural colour aluminium alloy


Yellow powder coated


Landing plate

Stainless steel with black etched grooves


Aluminium alloy with black grooves



Hairline stainless steel


Black anti-friction coating


Clear anti-friction coating



Hairline finished stainless steel


Mirror finished stainless steel



Various options available, consult manufacturer for details.

Balustrade panel

Stainless steel panel


Black, synthetic rubber, continuous vulcanized, with steel cord reinforcement and nylon cord gliding surface


Not required

On skirt and comb

Under handrail

Standard product features

Angle of inclination:


Flat steps:


Product Options


Various combinations of stainless steel or brass with coloured, hairline or mirror finish optionally available.


Various materials and finish e.g. stainless steel, glass, marble etc available.

Balustrade panel:

Black continuous vulcanized rubber as standard with 11 other colour options available. Consult manufacturer for details.


To provide better illumination, skirt and comb lighting can be fitted to all A2 escalators. Under handrail lighting can be fitted to the A2T Public Transport Escalators only.

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