Textured Acrylic Finish System

Dryvit’s Textured Acrylic Finish Systems (TAFS) have been developed for use over Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) buildings. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are a high-performance wall system consisting of lightweight, interlocking expanded polystyrene forms, which remain in place after the concrete is poured. As an integral part of the wall, the polystyrene forms are also the ideal substrate for Dryvit’s Textured Acrylic Finish Systems (TAFS). Together, the two products provide a strong, quiet, energy-efficient and beautiful wall, which meets and exceeds current building regulations.

Dryvit has a vast array of textured acrylic finishes. Whether the desired look is brick, stucco, limestone, granite or combinations thereof, Dryvit offers a beautiful, durable, lightweight and cost efficient option. All TAFS are available in custom colours and can be combined with decorative EPS shapes to add a third dimension to an otherwise flat, drab wall.

  • Option 1 consists of Dryvit tinted primer and textured acrylic finish, and is used primarily over rigid, highly impact-resistant walls such as concrete or stucco. Other surfaces may be approved by Dryvit's Engineering Department. For superior results, tinted primer is necessary to minimize the migration of efflorescence from the cement in the wall assembly itself, through the textured acrylic finish coat. At the same time, the primer enhances adhesion of the finish as well as the aesthetic uniformity of the finished wall.
  • Option 2 consists of a Dryvit base coat, fibreglass reinforcing mesh, tinted primer and finish. This combination must always be used over substrates such as insulated concrete forms and EPS shapes. Option 2 provides an impact and crack resistant surface when used over EPS. Option 2 is also commonly used to enhance the appearance of uneven, pitted or cracked stucco walls.

General information



Acrylic textured finish.


Silicone based technology textured finish.


Acrylic textured finish.

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_45_70_60 One-coat render systemsPrimary


M21/20 External wall insulation system

M21/210 External wall insulation system

Specification data - One-coat render systems

Product Reference

Textured Acrylic Finish System




Not required

Dryvit square edge EPS 70E grade


Minimum 30 mm (where required).






Acrylic textured finish.


Silicone based technology textured finish.


Acrylic textured finish.



PMRB finish.


HDP finish.

Quarzputz 2 mm aggregate

FDPMR, HDP and PMRB finishes.

Sandblast 1 mm aggregate

PMRB finish.

Sandpebble 1.5 mm aggregate

FDPMR, HDP and PMRB finishes.

Sandpebble fine 1 mm aggregate

HDP, FDPMR and PMRB finishes.


Refer to standard colour range for details and insert requirements.

Fire barrier

Not required

Mineral wool lamella

High performance mineral wool lamella for receiving Dryvit base coats and finishes.


Not required


Extensive range available, consult manufacturer for details.

Standard product features

Beads and trims:

Dryvit aluminium starter to thickness of insulation mechanically fixed with adhesive suitable hammer head base of system or back wrap with mesh at termination.


Standard Plus – Glass Fibre. Panzer 20 and standard plus mesh to areas subject to high impact.

Detailing mesh:

Dryvit detail mesh suitable for back wrapping EWI at termination details, forming reveals, masking Fire barriers prior to placing general reinforcing mesh, forming groove details.

Product Options


  • Only required where ICF substrate isn't suitable to receive direct application of reinforced base coat and finish.
  • Method of fixing: Genesis adhesive and/ or mechanical fixings in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.


  • FDPMR: Premixed 100% acrylic finish containing DPR and PMR technology as well as a film forming accelerator for improved resistance to wash off.
  • HDP: Proprietary, silicone based technology textured finish which promotes hydrophobicity enhancing reduced dirt pick up properties.
  • PMRB: Aggregate textured 100% acrylic-based proven mildew (PMR) and dirt pick resistance (DPR) finish.

Brick effect finish or other from speciality finish range are also available, consult with manufacturer for details.

Fire barrier:

Position fire barriers in accordance with Building Control Officers requirements. Barriers to be adhesively fixed with Dryvit Detail Mesh.

Third party certifications
  • Certificate: 98/3548 and LPCB No.784 a and b.
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