Topping of concrete and cementitious floors, paths and roadways, to provide cover to concrete in car-parks, forecourts, garages and petrol stations and repairs to loading bays and trucking aisles in warehouses and factories.


Pre-packaged mortar for the reinstatement and repair of concreted areas. It is ready to use on site and when mixed with water produces a trowellable floor screed which is applied to new or existing concrete and may be power-float finished. The cementitious mix design is polymer reinforced and enhanced with microsilica, and readily mixed to produce a screeding consistency that is easily applied and finished.

The cured material develops high early compressive and mechanical strengths producing a hard wearing, impact resistant floor for pedestrian and vehicular trafficked areas. For a decorative finish Teknopave is compatible with the leading brands of dry-shake floor hardeners.


Eponite Tackprimer should be used for maximum bond strength.

Features and benefits:

  • High strength, abrasion and weather resistance.
  • Single component product eliminates site batching.
  • Contains no chloride admixtures.
  • Outstanding adhesion the concrete substrate.
  • Shrinkage compensated.
  • May be power-floated to gain high quality finish.

General information



Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_53_15 Concrete repair mortarsPrimary


C42/310 Repair mortar

Product range


Specification data - Concrete repair mortars Enhanced data

Mortar type

Cement based reinforced and enhanced with microsilica.

Application thickness

20–100 mm.


2300 kg/m³.


62 MPa (28 days).

Application temperature


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