Technical Pool

Technical Pool is a range of plain tiles manufactured to the high standards required for public swimming pools. This is a very technical range of tiles with hundreds of edging and pool finishing pieces available. Incorporates 45% recycled material.

General information


Friction (A+B)

Grip (A+B+C)

Lined R11 V8 (A+B+C)

Lined V8 (A+B+C)

Matt R10 (A+B)

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M40/110 Tiling to

M40/5 Tiling to

Specification data - Ceramic tiles

Product Reference

Technical Pool

Size (w x h)

65 x 250 mm

125 x 125 mm

125 x 250 mm

250 x 250 mm


Friction (A+B)

Grip (A+B+C)

Lined R11 V8 (A+B+C)

Lined V8 (A+B+C)

Matt R10 (A+B)

Pin Head R11 V12 (A+B+C)


Unglazed R10 (A+B)


Channel and edge

Curved channel

External angles

Internal angles

Pool borders

Scum channel

Shower tub

Square channel

Standard product features

Tile depth:

8 mm.

Dimensions and surface quality:

Conforms to ISO 10545-2.

Water absorption:

ISO 10545-3: ≤ 0.10%.

Flexural strength:

ISO 10545-4: 45–50 N/mm².

Linear thermal expansion:

ISO 10545-8: 6.3–6.7x10-6.

Thermal shock resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-9.

Moisture expansion:

Conforms to ISO 10545-10.

Frost resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-12.

Chemical resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-13.

Stain resistance:

Conforms to ISO 10545-14.

Slip resistance:

DIN 51130.

Product Options


Various options are available, consult technical literature for details.


Not all finishes are available with all colours, consult technical literature for details.


An extensive range of special pieces including channels and borders are available, consult technical literature and insert requirements including product reference, colour and finish.

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