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Melamine foam panels designed to aid speech intelligibility, suitable for direct bonding onto well prepared vertical or horizontal surfaces. It is flexible, lightweight and easy to handle.

Typical applications:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, railway rolling stock, recording studios, theatres, cinemas, general leisure complexes, used to construct wall panels, ceiling panels and acoustic, enclosures, case linings, splitter and louvre infills in the power generation industry.

Techmel FBA - Fabric bonded absorber:

Panels manufactured from ultra-light weight, open cell melamine foam. FBA panels are available in straight edged shapes, i.e. square, rectangle and triangle, in a variety of standard or bespoke sizes which offer flexible architectural and design applications.

Techmel PBA - Plain bonded absorber:

Decorative, flame retardant plain bonded panels manufactured from ultra-light, open cell natural melamine foam in either white or light grey colour. Techmel PBA panels are available in a range of standard or bespoke shapes and sizes and can be cut and formed to create virtually any design shape, allowing for total flexibility in architectural application.

General information

2500 x 1250 mm

Special order

Insert requirement.


Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.

Uniclass 2015
Sound attenuator infill units (Pr_35_93_13_80)Primary
Specification data - Sound attenuator infill units
Product Reference

Techmel FBA

Fabric bonded absorber.

Techmel PBA

Plain bonded absorber.


2500 x 1250 mm

Special order

Insert requirement.


25 mm

50 mm

75 mm

100 mm


Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.


Not applicable

For Techmel FBA.

Light grey



Not applicable

For Techmel PBA.



Special order

Insert requirement, can be supplied in client's fabric.

Standard product features

Surface spread of flame (to BS 476-7):

Class 1.

Thermal conductivity:

0.035 W/mk.

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