TD Megapads Adjustable Pedestals for Timber Decking

Heavy duty injection moulded polypropylene unit designed to support timber joists as part of a timber decking system. Height level can be locked using the locking clips to prevent unit unwinding.

Weight bearing capacity up to 1560 kg per unit. Available in extra low and extra high heights with extended height adjustment range. Pedestals available from 22 mm up to 1020 mm. Loose laid system, weight of the timber decking and the cross-fixed timber joist framework holds system in place. Height is increased by adding Extension Towers.

Base plate diameter 200 mm, threaded stem unit and nut fixing and head plate. Height adjustment per unit of over 100 mm for larger pedestals. Head plate is 150 mm diameter with removable 20 mm high lugs located 60 mm apart.

Rainwater drains between and beneath the decking. Stem unit contains a larger threaded section per pedestal and locking nuts to secure the exact height and ensure the unit does not unwind over time.

For edges and end of runs allow timber joist to overhang the pedestal. TD Megapad Plus headpiece available where the joist needs to be mechanically fixed to the headpiece.

Slope correctors of 1%, 2% and 3% available to click under the baseplate to keep the pedestal completely vertical on larger gradients.

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Head diameter: 150 mm, base plate diameter: 200 mm


Limited warranty for temperature and weight tolerance if installed for the correct purpose and within the recommended guidelines - see Wallbarn terms & conditions of supply

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