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System 6 Vertical Sliding Window

A vertical sliding window with a polyurethane resin thermal break, designed with attractive, clean lines which will enhance residential and commercial property.


Profiles are extruded from aluminium alloy (6063 T6, T5 or T4 to BS EN 12020-2/ BS 755-9). Frame sections are minimum 86 mm deep. Structural profiles are designed so that the maximum deflection of any member will not exceed 1/175 of its span, with no evidence of permanent deformation once the load has been removed.

Joints are square cut, and secured using stainless steel screws driven into integral screw ports within the sections; additional cruciform cleats are used where required. Joints are sealed using a small gap sealant. The lower sash is sealed at the sill by a PVC nitrile bubble gasket held within an integral gasket groove extruded within the sill section.

Windows incorporate an internal, pressure equalized drainage system with external, ‘snap-on’ cover caps.


With suitable glazing, windows can contribute to meeting the requirements of Building Regulations for conservation of heat and power. Consult Metal Technology for further recommendations and details.

The windows provide Class III weathertightness as defined by BS 6375-1 and BS 5368:

  • Air: 300 Pa.
  • Water: 300 Pa.
  • Wind: 2400 Pa.


Lugs and/ or frame anchors used to secure windows to the building structure must accommodate predicted loads and deflection within design tolerances. Generally, fixings must be positioned 150 mm from each corner and each mullion/ transom, and at centres not exceeding 600 mm. Fixing lugs/ straps should be used only where they can be suitably concealed.

General information

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System 6 Vertical Sliding


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Glazing details

6 mm single glazing

24 mm insulating glass units

Ironmongery/ Accessories

Manufacturer’s standard

Product Options


Limiting dimensions for opening vents:

  • Height: 2500 mm.
  • Width: 1500 mm.
  • Weight: 43 kg.

Configuration and ironmongery may also limit sizes; consult Metal Technology technical department for details.


Aluminium sections are polyester powder coated to BS 6496 – consult Metal Technology for availability of colours and to obtain samples.


Windows are factory glazed with wrap-around ‘U’ gaskets fitted around the glass units prior to the windows being assembled. Gaskets are jointed and sealed at the top-centre of each glazed panel. Consult Metal Technology for recommendation and details.

Ironmongery/ Accessories:

Windows are fitted with Unique spiral spring balances which support the sash in any opening position; balances are sized in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Windows are secured at the meeting style with a standard fitch lock and keep; windows over 1000 mm wide have two sash locks.

Consult with Metal Technology for recommendations and details of additional ironmongery options.

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