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System 17 Sloped Glazing uses curtain walling profiles. It has been developed for mono or dual pitched roofs with a minimum pitch of 15º from the horizontal, subject to the structural sections being designed to accommodate the applicable loads in accordance with the relevant site conditions and application.


– Thermal:

  • All windows/ screens, in conjunction with a suitable glazing specification, have been designed to meet the current requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document L for England and Wales, Technical Handbook 6 for Scotland and Technical Booklet F for Northern Ireland. Consult with Metal Technology for details.

– Weathertightness:

  • Class III to BS 6375: 1989 Part 1 and BS 5368.

– Dynamic Test: In accordance with the CWCT sequence B test regime using a representative two storey test sample:

  • Static Air Permeability: <1.5 m³/hr at 600 Pa.
  • Static Water Penetration: Zero ml at 600 Pa.
  • Dynamic Water Penetration: Zero ml at 600 Pa.
  • Structural Performance: 2400 Pa (140 mph).
  • Safety Gust Performance: 3600 Pa (210 mph).

– Deflection:

  • All structural profiles can be designed so that maximum deflection of any member shall not exceed L/200 of its span, with no evidence of any permanent deformation once the load has been removed.

Incorporated components:

A range of specialist roof windows can be incorporated. Consult with Metal Technology for recommendations and details.

General information
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Pr_30_59_98_03 Aluminium frame roof window unitsPrimary

H10/10 Patent glazing

H10/115 Patent glazing

Specification data - Aluminium frame roof window units
Product Reference

System 17 Sloped Glazing

Glazing bar -

Extruded aluminium


Anodized, colour

Insert colour requirements.

Liquid organic coated, colour RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Powder organic coated, colour RAL

Insert colour requirements.

Minimum film thickness

___ micrometres


___ mm

Pane/ Infilling material

Insulating glass units, ___ mm thick

Single glazed panes, 10 mm thick

Standard product features


Interior box section with external cover cap. Four edge supported.

Glazing system:

Dry glazed using proprietary, high performance captive gaskets.

Product Options

Finish/ Colour:

Consult with Metal Technology for availability of colours and to obtain samples.

Minimum film thickness:

Consult with Metal Technology following choice of finish.

Pane/ infilling materials:

The system accommodates 10 mm single glazing or 24, 28, or 34 mm insulating glass units. In addition, a variety of panel thicknesses can be accommodated within the system. Consult with Metal Technology for recommendations and details.