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System 10-35Hi+ Thermally Broken Shopfront and Framing System


Easily constructed, efficient and economical solution for external, ground floor, thermally broken screenwork.


Part of the 10-35 Hi+ Commercial Door and Framing system, it is designed to create a thermally broken stand-alone shopfront and/ or entrance screen. It can also be integrated within curtain walling applications.

Included in the basic suite of profiles are single and double door stiles for standard, anti-fingertrap, and panic exit applications. Framing members include outer frames, mullions, transoms, and threshold options for both cleated and screwported assembly.

The 10-35 Hi+ range is an adaptation of 10-35 Hi range through the inclusion of additional foam inserts which further enhance the system's thermal performance.


  • Available in both anodized and powder coated finishes.
  • This system can accommodate a different colour finish internally to that used externally.


  • Door sash members are square cut at 90°, with stiles end milled to suit ironmongery.
  • Sash corners are reinforced with extruded aluminium cleats, and screw fixed with the option of additional tie bar reinforcement.
  • Frame members are square cut at 90°, with corners constructed using either screwported or cleated assembly.


  • Door sashes can accommodate 28-44 mm units, and are internally glazed. Glass is set against extruded gaskets externally, which are fitted into the screw-fixed security bead.
  • Clip-in beads are then fitted into the inside of the door sash and held secure by means of colour coded wedge gaskets internally.
  • Doors are "heeled and toed" using glazing packers (provided by installer) located on a bridging packer within the profile, and further adjusted using the sash jack.
  • Shuffle-glazed, with a clip-in bead fitted externally at the cill and/or transom profiles. Units are then secured using wedge gaskets which are applied internally and externally. Units are supported on extruded aluminium bridging supports and PVC setting/location blocks (provided by installer).

Thermal performance:

The 10-35 Hi and 10-35 Hi+ systems offer significantly improved U-frame values over more traditional non-thermal and thermally broken aluminium commercial door systems.

General information






Anodized to BS EN 12373-1 or BS 3987.

Powder coated

Powder organic coated to BS EN 12206-1.



All profiles to be extruded from aluminium alloy 6060 T6, T5 or T4 to BS EN 12020-2 / BS 755-9.


Polyamide thermal break sections shall be manufactured from glass reinforced nylon sections capable of withstanding temperatures more than 200 ºC. 

The minimum depth of door profiles shall be 62 mm incorporating two 35 mm polyamide thermal break sections within.



Pr_30_59_99_02 Aluminium window wallsPrimary


L10/560 Glazed screen system

L10/51 Glazed screen system

Specification data - Aluminium window walls Enhanced data

Dimensions and configurations

Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Product performance


Weather performance


UK exposure category

Design Wind Pressure should be determined in accordance with BS 6399 - Part 2.




Security level

In accordance with PAS 24.

Security System 10-35 Hi Commercial Door and Framing has passed PAS 24 "Enhanced Security Performance Requirements for Door Assemblies" as generally accepted on Secure by Design projects. In order to comply with PAS 24, doors and framing should be glazed in accordance with the methods in BS 6262 and BS 8000-7. The units should also be sealed conforming to BS EN 1279 and incorporating glass conforming to BS EN 356 Class P1A minimum.






Square cut at 90°.

Corners constructed using either screwported or cleated assembly.

Thermal break


Finish as delivered



Anodized to BS 3987.

Anodized to BS EN 12373-1.

Powder coating to BS EN 12206-1.


Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.


Glazing or infill



The framing profiles can accommodate 28-32 mm units. Units are then secured using wedge gaskets which are applied internally and externally. Units are supported on extruded aluminium bridging supports and PVC setting/ location blocks (provided by installer).



External, clipped.

Fitted externally at the cill and/ or transom profiles.




Single leaf.

Double leaf.


Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Anti-finger trap jamb

Not required.


Doors can be fitted with an anti-finger trap facility.


Aluminium alloy 6060 T4.

Aluminium alloy 6060 T5.

Aluminium alloy 6060 T6.

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