SWIFT SEW 2+2 Powered - Sliding door

SWIFT SEW 2+2 Powered - Sliding door

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Electrically operated, bi-Folding industrial door with high insulation values available in a range of colours. The door consist of solid, polyurethane filled panels that are hinged at the jamb.

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New Swift doors are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and offer many safety features. The system is ideal for situations that require rapid movement in and out of a building. The doors do not require a bottom track or load-bearing lintel.

Typical applications for Swift doors include: fire stations, ambulance bays, rail maintenance sheds, vehicle workshops, loading bays, treatment works, spray booths, workshops, etc.

Key features:

  • Fast, easy, manual or rapid automatic operation.
  • Simple to install.
  • Durable, reliable and low maintenance.
  • Fully weather sealed and incorporating full height finger-nip protection between the leaves.

General information


Side-hung without a floor track to ensure door leaves glide across rail tracks, instant low-level manual override handle, multi programmable smart relay control board provides complete flexibility of operation, automatic floor bolts provide additional security and protection against high winds


Colourcoat lg plastisol in white (00-E-55), goosewing grey (10-A-05), honesty (10-C-31), aztec yellow (10-E-55), mushroom (10-B-19), colourcoat prisma in silver metallic (Ral 9006), inside face in colourcoat lg plastisol in white (00-E-55)


Aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel




7000 x 5000 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_81 Sliding folding doorsetsPrimary


L20/530 Sliding folding external doors

Specification data - Sliding folding doorsets

Product Reference

Phoenix Swift 24 m²




Finish/ Colour

Colorcoat® LG Plastisol in stock colour external, White internal

Insert colour requirements.

Polyester powder coated external and internal in standard RAL colour

Insert colour requirements.

Vision panels

Not required

680 x 370 mm snap-lock

Aluminium frame DG-TG, 400 x 600 mm

Aluminium frame DG-TG, 600 x 600 mm

Aluminium frame DG-TG, 400 x 1200 mm

Aluminium frame DG-TG, 600 x 1200 mm

Wicket door

Not required

Lever handle furniture

Emergency panic bar furniture

Surround frame

Not required

Supplied by others.

150 x 75 x 10mm RSA rear mounted frame

200 x 100 x 5mm RHS between wall frame

Not required

Supplied by others.

150 x 75 x 10mm RSA rear mounted frame

200 x 100 x 5mm RHS between wall frame


Not required

Not recommended.

Chamfered aluminium threshold

Standard to Swift doors.

Control method


Single push to open, automatic timed return close.


Continuous push to open, continuous push to close.


Single push to open, single push to close.

Safety features

Light curtain

2 m high full width light curtain.


Send/ receive photocell.

Photocell posts

RHS angle steel posts, fitted if you require an internally mounted photocell.

Safety edge(s)

Full height opto-electronic.

Traffic lights

Red and green LED traffic light mounted on the door leaf.

Wicket door interlock

Fitted as standard to electric doors with wickets.

Additional Controls


Stainless steel Bewator codelock.

Extra push button

Additional Run / captive stop push button unit.


Sprung return keyswitch in separate enclosure.

Microwave sensor

Opens door on detection of oncoming vehicles.

Radio control

Remote operation of door.

Standard product features


Side-hung, insulated bifold with two leaves folding to each side. Leaves mount on the inside of the opening and fold inwards at 90°.

Opening size:

  • Manual operation (maximum w x h): 4.5 x 7.2 m.
  • Refer (Download SWTSPEC) Swift door size configuration chart for size restrictions.

Track system:

The top track is a 5 mm thick pressed steel ‘C’ section for direct sidewall mounting. Pendant hangers are heavy-duty fabrications, each with a 72 mm diameter sealed bearing wheel, two 40 mm diameter side thrust sealed bearing wheels and a 20 mm diameter toughened steel shaft. Each pendant is vertically adjustable.

Door leaf:

- Thickness:

  • Panel construction: 1.6 mm thick cold rolled galvanized dovetail channel frames with 5 mm thick local reinforcement for hardware. The panel to be injected with CFC free expanded polyurethane insulation during the manufacturing process.

- U-value:

0.35 W/m²K.

- Frame:

A flush steel goalpost surround frame should be provided in order to install a Swift door. The minimum thickness of material to be 5 mm, and the width of the internal surface to be minimum 150 mm. Note: A surround frame is not included with a Swift door as standard.

- Hinges:

  • Jambs: The weight of each door half is supported by two pairs of jamb hinges. An M24 vertical adjustment screw, 16 mm hinge pin, and an Igus bush complete the assembly, and provide simple, accurate setting during installation, and a low-maintenance, heavy-duty, low-friction component.
  • Intermediate: Apex hinge pairs are machined from solid aluminium extrusions, fitted with sealed for life Igus bushes and 16 mm diameter stainless steel hinge pins. A concealed peg ensures that the hinge pins cannot be removed from the outside. Hinges are finished in black polyester powder coat to RAL 9005(M).

- Seals:

Flexible rubber seals are fitted to all edges of the door, and between door leaves. All seals are purpose-designed EPDM extrusions, which press into, and blend seamlessly with the door panels. Each seal provides full finger trap safeguarding, and protection against weather, dust and sand.

Drive system:

A DAAB MK drive unit operates each door half. Operators can be side-mounted at a height of 3 m from the floor, or wing mounted above the top tracks. A fully automatic, multi-functional EP103 control panel is provided with each pair of motors. A disengage handle is supplied to manually release the motor to allow operation by hand.

Locking and handles:

An electro mechanical lock within the drive motor automatically holds the door in the closed position. A lockable manual release pin is fitted to the underside of each motor body. The pin can be disengaged from floor level using a rod, and allows the door to be opened manually. A bottom guide pin engages with an aluminium floor shoe fitted to the threshold, and holds the leading edge firm. A black thermoplastic easy-grip pull handle is fitted internally to each door leaf.

Product Options

Power operation equipment:

A range of safety and control equipment is fitted or is available to order.

Safety Features:

- Safety edges:

A full height opto-electronic safety edge is mounted within each leading edge seal of the door. An impact on the edge during closing will automatically stop and re-open the door. Safety edges are continuously monitored so the door can not close automatically in the event of damage or failure of the edge.

- Photocells:

A FAAC XP15W send / receive photocell is fitted across the opening. The receiver unit is fitted with a long-life battery to avoid hard wiring. Photocells can be fitted for closing safety, opening safety, or a combination of opening and closing. If a closing safety beam is broken during the closing cycle, the door will automatically stop and re-open. If an opening safety beam is broken during the opening cycle, the door will automatically stop.

- Traffic lights:

A red and green 24V DC LED traffic light unit is fitted. The unit is sized 370mm x 190mm with 24 LEDs to each light, and is intended to be mounted directly on the inside face of the door or onto a traffic light post. Sequence of operation is Red light on when door closed or part closed, Green light on when door fully open. A pair of 24Vdc limit switches is supplied to monitor the fully open position. Photocell / Traffic Light Posts.

A pair of 100x100 RHS right angle steel posts are fitted on the inside of the bunched door leaves to mount an internal photocell and / or traffic lights. Posts are painted yellow for maximum visibility.

Additional Controls:

  • Push button – Additional run/ captive stop push button unit.
  • Keyswitch – Sprung return keyswitch in separate enclosure for operation of the door by keyholders only. For internal or external use.
  • Digi-key – Bewator K42 stainless steel codelock for operation of the door by authorised persons only. For internal or external use.
  • Radio control – 868 MHz radio control system for remote operation of the door from a vehicle or control room. FAAC Plug-in radio receiver supplied with one twin channel transmitter. Additional transmitters available for multi-user systems.
  • Microwave sensor – High level sensor to open the door on detection of oncoming vehicles. Adjustable so as to ignore pedestrians, or parallel traffic. Please note: maximum opening height is 5 m for microwave sensors.

Wicket door:

  • Option 1: Standard lever furniture. Wicket door opens outwards. Hardware comprises a Briton 5520 mortise sashlock, 25 mm low-profile anodized aluminium lever handles, external Europrofile cylinder with internal thumbturn, 1½ pairs of stainless steel butt hinges and a hidden door limiting stay. 85 mm high step with 40 mm wide aluminium threshold strip.
  • Option 2: Emergency escape furniture. Wicket door opens outwards. Hardware comprises a Briton 379 panic bar, external override cylinder and finger latch, 1½ pairs stainless steel butt-hinges and a hidden overhead door limiting stay. 85 mm high step with 40 mm wide aluminium threshold strip.

Vision panels:

  • Option 1: Black thermoplastic, 'snap-lock' window frame with double-glazed 1.5 mm thick PMMA outside, 1.5 mm thick polycarbonate inside. Overall frame size 680 x 370 mm.
  • Option 2: Aluminium window frame with one-piece inner liner tray. Window units are double glazed (4~20~4), argon filled, low E toughened glass. Frames are polyester powder coated in matt black to RAL 9005(M), fully sealed, and available in a choice of frame sizes.

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