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Styccobond F45 Vinyl adhesive

Use for securing highly plasticised vinyl floor and wall coverings and PVC backed carpets to sound, smooth, dry surfaces of concrete; plaster; plasterboard; chipboard, plywood, hardboard, wood and blockboard. It is non-flammable, protected against biodegradation, and will withstand normal wet cleaning techniques.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_03 Acrylic and methacrylate adhesivesPrimary


M50/10 Resilient floor tiling

M50/110 Resilient floor tiling

M50/150 Sheeting

M50/170 Carpeting

M50/20 Sheeting

M50/25 Carpeting

Specification data - Acrylic and methacrylate adhesives

Product Reference

Styccobond F45

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