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Strongcoat Primer

A two-pack solvent free, epoxy-based primer for use with the Strongcoat and Griptop range of surface toppings. Strongcoat Primer can be used where the RH of the substrate is greater than 75%. Strongcoat Primer is applied by brush, roller or squeegee in one or two coats depending on the texture, porosity and evenness of the surface being primed.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_31_66_92 Universal primersPrimary

M12/10 Resin flooring

M12/110 Resin flooring

Specification data - Universal primers
Product Reference

Strongcoat Primer

Standard product features

Coating thickness:

Approximately 200 microns/ coat.


Approximately 4 m²/kg at the specified coating thickness.

Product Options

Slip resistance:

Slip resistant finishes are available, consult manufacturer for details.

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