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StoTherm Mineral M

StoTherm Mineral M

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Sto Ltd

A highly durable external wall insulation with mineral fibre boards and mineralic render, providing excellent fire protection and thermal performance.

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The StoTherm Mineral M System comprises an impact resistant render finish to non-combustible rock mineral fibre insulation boards. The insulation is fixed by means of either Sto Rotofix Plus or Sto Rotofix mini helix spiral fixings. The system may be fixed to either bare concrete or masonry, previously rendered/ painted concrete or masonry, or onto a light steel framed or timber framed construction with suitable sheathing board. Through coloured render finishes are low maintenance, weather resistant and vapour permeable.

The system has an A2-s1, d0 reaction to fire classification in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 :2010 and can be installed without restriction in height or proximity to boundaries.

For insulation and render finishes to below DPC zones consult manufacturer.

Quick Set (QS) versions of materials offer frost resistance and wash-off protection at temperatures from +1°C and 95% relative humidity, reducing potential construction delays due to cold weather - consult manufacturer for recommendations.

General information


High performance decorative and protective finishes


Non combustible insulation materials for unrivalled fire protection


Company warranty

Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_45_72_02 Adhesive-fixed external wall insulation systemsPrimary


M21/20 External wall insulation system

M21/210 External wall insulation system

Specification data - Adhesive-fixed external wall insulation systems

Product Reference

StoTherm Mineral M Rotofix Mini System

StoTherm Mineral M Rotofix Plus System

Base board



Specify other as recommended by Sto.


For cement particle boards and calcium cement boards, minimum 12 mm thick. For Plywood or OSB, minimum 18 mm thick.




Sto-Mineral Fibre Board MHD

Mono high density.

Sto-Mineral Fibre Board

Dual density.


See Options and consult manufacturer for details and recommendations.

Method of fixing

Sto Rotofix Mini

Sto Rotofix Plus

Beads/ Trims

Sto perforated aluminium (flexicurve) starter track

Sto-Armour Angle

To internal angles.

Sto-Clip-on Profile Novo

Sto-Mesh Angle Flexibead Ideal

To variable external angles.

Sto-PVC Mesh Angle Bead

To 90º external angles.

StoSeal Bead Perfekt

Head and reveal profile with telescopic mechanism and integrated glass fibre mesh.

StoSeal Bead Supra

Head and reveal profile with integrated sealing tape and glass fibre mesh.

StoSeal Joint Sealing Tape Lento

Pre-compressed joint sealing tape for use at interfaces.

Sto-Starter Track Connectors

Sto-Stop Bead Standard

Head and reveal profile with integrated glass fibre mesh.



Reinforcing base coat

StoLevell Duo Plus reinforcing coat

StoLevell Uni reinforcing coat

StoArmat Classic Plus reinforcing plaster

Reinforcing mesh

Sto-Armour Mesh

Robust reinforcing mesh applied prior to standard mesh for increased impact resistance.

Sto Glass Fibre Mesh

Standard reinforcement, applied into base coat.

Intermediate coat

Sto-Primer vapour-permeable preparation coat

Finish coat

Stolit Effect

Acrylic resin bound render finish used to achieve special render effects.

Stolit K

Acrylic resin bound render with stippled texture.

Stolit Milano

Acrylic resin bound render finish with fine grain used either alone or with Stolit K/ Stolit Effect to achieve special render effects.

Stolit MP

Acrylic resin bound render with rustic texture.

Stolit R

Acrylic resin bound render with rilled texture.

StoLotusan K

Super-hydrophobic render finish with stippled texture and Lotus Effect.

StoLotusan MP

Super-hydrophobic render finish with rustic texture and Lotus Effect.

StoSilco K

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with stippled texture.

StoSilco MP

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rustic texture.

StoSilco R

Silicone resin bound hydrophobic render with rilled texture.

StoSuperlit K

Acrylic bound render finish with exposed natural stone aggregate.

Colour/ Aggregate

See 'Options' and insert requirement. Refer to StoColor system and Sto Architectural colour range for colours. Consult manufacturer for details and samples.

Additional requirements


As shown on drawing ___

Product Options


- Sto-Mineral Fibre Board MHD:

  • Sto-Mineral Fibre Board MHD: Mono high density rock mineral fibre, A1 non-combustible.
  • Thermal conductivity (to BS 3958-5: 1986 & DIN 52 612): 0.039 W/m·K.
  • Minimum compressive strength: 20 kN/m² at 10% compression.

- Sto-Mineral Fibre insulation boards, Dual Density:

  • Thermal conductivity (to BS 3958-5: 1986 & DIN 52 612): 0.036 W/m·K.
  • Minimum compressive strength: 20 kN/m² at 10% compression.
  • Thickness: 30–250 mm in 10 mm increments.

- Thickness:

  • Rotofix Mini: 60–100 mm in 10 mm increments.
  • Rotofix Plus: 80–200 mm in 10 mm increments.

Consult manufacturer for details and recommendations.

Board substrate:

Various types of cement particle, calcium cement or similar boards. Consult manufacturer for recommendations.

Beads/ trims:

Insert Sto product references or refer to detail drawings - consult manufacturer for details and recommendations.

Reinforcing mesh:

  • Sto-Armour mesh – additional reinforcing mesh used in conjunction with standard mesh to provide increased impact resistance.
  • Mesh to be applied into base coat render ensuring the reinforcing mesh is fully embedded.

- Impact loading (ETAG 004):

  • Single layer standard mesh - Category II.
  • Single layer Armour mesh + single layer standard mesh - Category I (with StoArmat Classic Plus reinforcing coat).

Consult manufacturer for details and recommendations.

Render finish coat:

Render finishes are available in a range of up to 800 colours from the StoColor System and a further 300 colours from the Sto Architectural colours range.

Other finishes: StoBrick clay brick slips, Sto Resin Brick Slips, Sto-EcoShapes, StoDeco Profiles, StoDeco Rustications, plus other options may be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with render finishes - consult manufacturer for details.


  • Stolit: 1.5, 2, 3 and 6 mm grain size.
  • StoSilco and StoLotusan: 1.5, 2 and 3 mm grain size.
  • StoSuperlit: 2 mm grain size.

Additional requirements:

  • Specify movement joint trims etc. or refer to detail drawings.
  • Specify areas for additional reinforcement mesh e.g. at locations prone to impact etc.
  • Specify location of all horizontal (and vertical where required) fire barriers or refer to construction drawings.
  • Provide details of brick coursing, bond and features to coins, door/ window heads and raised feature bands or margins around doors/ windows etc., or refer to drawings.

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Third party certifications
  • 95/3132 : Product Sheet 4 (Sheathed light steel framing)
  • European Technical Approval : StoTherm Mineral/ StoTherm Classic MW (various) : Consult manufacturer for details
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