For use in flooding situations.


A clear, water-resistant coating, intended for use on masonry and stone. It can be used as a topcoat for Stormdry, for properties at risk of low-level flooding. The clear liquid is ready for use, and can be applied by brush and roller. Stormdry® FD-Coat forms a waterproof barrier and bridges small cracks in walls, providing performance against flood water. The coating is partially breathable, and gives a semigloss appearance, which fades with time.

Any large cracks should be repaired using a suitable mortar mix, incorporating Stormdry® Repointing Additive No. 2 and allowed to cure for seven to 14 days. Stormdry® Cream should be used as a primer before applying Stormdry® FD-Coat.

Features and benefits:

  • Waterproof barrier.
  • Enhanced crack bridging of up to 0.6 mm.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Long lifetime (ten+ years on masonry).
  • Compatible with Stormdry System products.
  • Applied by brush or roller.


For use in flooding situations.

General information


Moisture-curing silicone

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_22_77 Silicate-based masonry coatingsPrimary


M60/18 Special coating

M60/195 Special coating

Specification data - Silicate-based masonry coatings

Product Reference

Stormdry FD-Coat

Standard product features


Moisture-curing silicone.


Hazy liquid; dries clear.

Technical characteristics:

  • Density: 0.98 g/cm³.
  • Minimum application temperature: 5°C.

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