Stepless platform lifts are intended for lifting people with reduced mobility (e.g. wheelchair users, people with walking difficulties, people with pushchairs and sack trucks) over level differences of up to 3 m. Platform lifts require less space than ramp systems and are therefore suitable in places where ramps would be too steep or too long.


The Stepless LP50H cantilever vertical lifting platform is an indoor, floor-mounted, vertical lifting platform with horizontal travel, which means that it actually moves in over the stairs to be negotiated, without requiring modifications to the stairs or the room. The platform lift has a maximum lifting capacity of 375 kg. It is designed to help people with reduced mobility negotiate small differences in height, as it can handle lifts to heights of up to 830 mm and travel up to 900 mm horizontally.

The lift is intended for recessing into the floor in front of the stairs that users need to negotiate, and therefore provides a solution so simple and discreet that it is almost invisible when not in use. When the LP50H is activated, the platform safety edges rise up automatically, preventing the user from rolling off the edge. When the user reaches the top level, the raised front edge lowers automatically, allowing him/her to exit the platform smoothly.

The LP50H platform lift becomes a natural part of the building, making it ideal for use in heritage buildings and other places that require an aesthetically pleasing solution. To help adapt the LP50H to suit different settings, this platform lift is prepared for finishing with a variety of 22 mm-thick surfaces, such as wood, tiles and carpet. The Stepless LP50H features a built-in operating panel for user operation.

Different rules concerning lifting height and shielding may apply, depending on local and national regulations.

Features and benefits:

  • Discreet, aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • Extremely low recessing height - just 155 mm.
  • Wide choice of platform coating.
  • Electronic emergency stop.
  • Mechanical/ electrical safety cutout.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_80_47_95 Vertical lifting platformsPrimary


X12/350 Platform lifts

X12/350 Platform lifts

Specification data - Vertical lifting platforms Enhanced data



Clear opening width (minimum)

1090 mm.

Carrier floor




Width (minimum)

1090 mm.

Depth (minimum)

1450 mm.

Electrical supply

90–264 V AC, power consumption: 600 W.

Control device type

Operating panel/ wireless operation.



External operating panel.

Wireless operation.

Two-way communication.

Pit frame for embedment with reinforcement.


Aluminium and powder coated galvanized steel.

Safety edge: Anodized aluminium with rubber strip.

Lifting capacity

375 kg.


13 mm/second.


RAL 7016.

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