Steam Injection Humidifiers

Steam Injection Humidifiers


A range of steam injection humidifiers available in a wide variety of models and adaptable to numerous applications.

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  • Single-tube humidifier: Suitable for, but not limited to, small-capacity systems.
  • Mini-bank humidifier: Pre-assembled for small ducts.
  • Multiple-tube humidifier: For large steam capacity.
  • Area-type fan: Designed for open spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing spaces that do not have duct systems.


A range of steam injection humidifiers available in a wide variety of models and adaptable to numerous applications.

Features and benefits:

  • Steam jacketed dispersion tubes — eliminate condensation and dripping.
  • Stainless steel construction reduces corrosion potential and is compatible with steam derived from deionized or reverse-osmosis treated water.
  • Lightweight construction — no special supports or hangers required.

General information




Adaptable to virtually any size application, and a wide variety of models accommodate a broad range of steam absorption requirements.

  • Single-tube humidifier: Available with a wide range of steam capacities and dispersion tube lengths. Suitable for longer non-wetting distances.
  • Mini-bank humidifier: Accommodate small ducts and short non-wetting distances. Factory assembled.
  • Multiple-tube humidifier: Are available in a range of sizes for short to moderate non-wetting distances. Field-piped and assembled.
  • Area-type fan: Steam is quietly dispersed by a fan without introducing water droplets into the air.


Manufacturer's standard.


Cylindrical or spherical, dependent on model specified.

  • Single-tube humidifier: Cylindrical.
  • Mini-bank humidifier: Cylindrical.
  • Multiple-tube humidifier: Cylindrical.
  • Area-type fan: Spherical.


Manufacturer's standard

Multiple-tube humidifiers are available in a range of sizes.

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Air volume

Dependent on model specified

  • Single-tube humidifier: Steam capacities to 525 lbs/hr (238 kg/h).
  • Mini-bank humidifier: Steam capacities up to 84 lbs/hr (38 kg/h).
  • Multiple-tube humidifier: Steam capacities up to 3989 lbs/hr (1809 kg/h).
  • Area-type fan: Steam capacities up to 286 lbs/hr (130 kg/h).

Steam source

Non-pressurized steam.

Product Reference

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