STA20 Sliding Doors


The record system 20 range of products is a sliding door operator system for all applications. Intelligent door automation is safer and more reliable than earlier systems, thanks to interactive communication between operator components, sensor systems and remote control devices; the system is also self-learning. This universal automatic door system uses the same basic components and peripherals, and can be used for all types of door applications. The record system 20 ensures innovative, intelligent automatic sliding doors.


  • Intelligent door automation – self-learning.
  • Safer, more reliable.
  • Economical – also thanks to variable opening widths, depending on frequency of use.
  • Aesthetically beautiful and strikingly quiet.
  • User-friendly – simple menu-led operation via text display in most languages.
  • Intelligent record presence detector senses persons in the door leaf area.
  • Can also be used in escape and rescue routes.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary


L20/520 Sliding doors

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets

Product Reference


One leaf. Single leaf door automation for tight spaces.


Two leaves. For most normal applications.

Opening width

800–3000 mm. Insert requirements.


A wide range available; insert requirements from 'Options' below.

Standard product features

Clear height of passage:

3000 mm.

Door leaf weight (maximum):

  • E-STA: 1 x 150 kg.
  • D-STA: 2 x 120 kg.

DUO/ RED model:

  • E-STA: 1 x 150 kg.
  • D-STA: 2 x 150 kg.

Reinforced (20-200/ 22):

  • E-STA: 1 x 200/ 1 x 250 kg.
  • D-STA: 2 x 150/ 2 x 200 kg.

Drive dimensions:

  • With side screen (d x h): 194 x 108/ 150 or 197 x 200 mm.
  • Without side screen (d x h): 157 x 108/ 150 or 160 x 200 mm.

Door movement:

E-STA: 1.5 s to 0.7 m.

D-STA: 1.0 s to 0.7 m.

Electrical connection:

230 V/ 50/ 60 Hz/ 100 W.

Ambient temperature:


Remote control unit:

Graphic display with background lighting.

Product Options

Modes of operation:

  • Automatic.
  • Continuously open.
  • Manual.
  • Locked.

Optional functions:

  • Energy saving functions (automatic opening width TOWA).
  • Defining customer-specific door parameters.
  • Control lock.
  • Bell contact.
  • Emergency door opening or closing (programmable parameters).


  • Remote control unit, BDE-D.
  • Key operated contact, SSK.
  • Trigger devices RAD 290, RIC 290 and AIR 290.
  • Optical lock indicator.
  • Manual locking, inside or outside.
  • Locking device surveillance.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Rechargeable battery, for emergency operation in power failures.
  • Approved escape door systems.
  • Hinged, foldable drive unit cover or in several parts.
  • Module to extend functionality for optional upgrades (FEM).


record system 20 (featuring the STA 20 & TSA 20)

record system 20 (featuring the STA 20 & TSA 20)

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