Spring Mounted Inertia Bases

Spring Mounted Inertia Bases

Mason UK Ltd

Spring Mounted Inertia Bases available in a variety of sizes and load requirements. Each inertia base is designed bespoke for the application.

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Inertia bases vary from a simple steel frame which allows spring mounts to connect to the equipment through to large concrete filled frames to provide inertial mass. The increased mass reduces vibration, lowers the centre of gravity thereby reducing rocking and increases thrust resistance. We can engineer an inertia bases frame to suit project requirements in terms of size, mass and finish. The springs supporting the inertia bases are selected to suit the vibration characteristics of the isolated equipment and the building structure – especially floor deflection. We can design bespoke bracketry to save height and minimise the installation envelope, minimising the space required to install inertia bases. They can be designed to suit a wide range of requirements and to fit within a similarly wide range of locations. We consider both the vibration and structural capability of any design.

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Effective anti-vibration tool, lowers centre of gravity due to increased mass, frame can be engineered to suit project requirements



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