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Residential, commercial, industrial, schools, parks and demarcations.


Domestic acoustic fence panels which can reduce noise levels by up to 37 dB through sound reflection. The acoustic core absorbs energy produced and creates a noise shadow area behind the soundwall. This area is determined by direct sound trajectory above the soundwall, resulting in a large percentage of the direct sound source being reflected away.

Features and Benefits:

  • Can provide a 50% reduction in perception of loudness.
  • Suitable to use as either new or retro-fit fence panels.
  • Lightweight modular panels for easy installation.
  • Compatible with timber posts or concrete H posts.
  • Proven to reduce noise transmission by 37 dB.
  • Unique design enhances the look of a garden.
  • Dual face is aesthetically attractive for both sides.
  • Timber is from responsibly managed British forests.
  • Low-maintenance and cost-effective solution.
  • Laboratory tested to BS EN 1793.
  • FSC® certified.


Residential, commercial, industrial, schools, parks and demarcations.

General information
Specification data - Wood close boarded fencing systems
Product Reference

Soundshield Acoustic Fence Panels

Standard product features

Panel size (w x h):

1830 x 1800 mm.


11.9 kg/m².

Noise reduction:

37 dB, Category B2.

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