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Sopro HSF 748 Flexible Bonding Slurry With Trass


  • As flexible bonding slurry for installation of stone and ceramic coverings using vibrated floor system or conventional methods.
  • Bonding slurry applied to bedding mortar or substrate.
  • As bonding slurry for bonded screeds.
  • Bonding layer in conjunction with Sopro DM 610 drainage mortar, Sopro DMX 619 drainage mortar eXtra or porous screeds with single-size grading.
  • For tiles with low water absorption (fully vitrified stoneware), stoneware, clinker floor tiles, mosaic, split tiles and split tile fittings, cast stone and discolouration-resistant natural stone, e.g. limestone tiles, granite, quartzite.


A one-component, trass-bearing, high polymer-modified bonding and contact slurry for laying of ceramic tiling, natural, cast stone coverings and paving units. The product offers smooth, easy workability and suitable for indoor, outdoor and underwater applications. This ensures a strong bond between absorbent and non-absorbent coverings and bedding mortar or between substrate and bedding mortar or screed. When set, it is resistant to water, weather and freeze-thaw cycles and is able to accommodate high mechanical and thermal loads.

Features and benefits:

  • Strong adhesion/ bonding for installed coverings.
  • Suitable for tiles with low water absorption (fully vitrified stoneware).
  • For powder or slurry application.
  • Flexible and strong bonding.
  • Contains Rhenish trass.
  • Suitable for floor heating systems.
  • Low-chromate to regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annex XVII.

General information


Pr_20_31_53_62 Paving unit priming slurry mortarsPrimary


Q25/110 Natural stone slab paving system

Q25/115 Natural stone slab paving overlay system

Q25/120 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/125 Concrete flag paving overlay system

Q25/130 Rigid brick paving system

Q25/135 Rigid brick paving overlay system

Q25/26 Natural stone slab paving system

Q25/31 Concrete flag paving system

Q25/440 Ready-mixed mortar

Product range

Bonding Slurry

Specification data - Paving unit priming slurry mortars Enhanced data


1.0–1.5 kg/m² for powder application (1.5–2.0 kg/m² for slurry applications).

Application temperature



Fully loadable for industrial duty (e.g. lifts stackers, fork-lift trucks) after 28 days.

Temperature resistance

–20 to +80°C.