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Sopro HFS 563 - Levelling Screed


  • Cement screeds.
  • Concrete and untreated concrete surfaces (three months old minimum.).
  • Existing ceramic and terrazzo coverings.
  • Magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds.
  • Board subfloors.

Suitable primer:

  • Sopro GD 749 primer: all mineral, high- or variable-suction substrates, e. g. cement screeds, concrete and untreated concrete surfaces (three months old, minimum). Sopro GD 749 primer should be applied in undiluted form.
  • Sopro HE 449 bonding emulsion: for wet-on-wet application after a short evaporation time of 10 – 15 minutes (30 minutes, maximum). No liquid Sopro HE 449 should remain on the surface. Any dried films should be removed. Suitable substrates: cement screeds, untreated concrete surfaces (minimum three months old); existing ceramic, terrazzo, natural and cast stone coverings; existing firmly adhering screed coatings.
  • Sopro HPS 673 special primer: all smooth, non-absorbent substrates, e. g. existing ceramic, terrazzo, natural and cast stone coverings, or firmly adhering adhesive residue.
  • Sopro MGR 637 multi-purpose primer: for moisture-sensitive substrates, e. g. magnesium oxychloride (magnesite) screeds, calcium sulfate-based (anhydrite and anhydrite self-levelling) screeds.


Sopro HF-S 563 floor levelling compound is designed for the creation of smooth, unbroken, finished floor surfaces both indoors and outdoors, e. g. in workshops, factory halls, storerooms, garages, cellars etc. For finished surfaces outdoors, it is only suitable when used in conjunction with SoproDur HF-L 513 protective coat and silica sand (for adequate slip resistance). Patch holes, chips and spalls with Sopro RS 462 repair filler or Sopro SP 770 rapid-set filler. Fill any existing cracks in screed with structurally bonding Sopro GH 564 casting resin. Sopro AFS 561 anhydrite floor-levelling compound is recommended for calcium sulfate-based and mastic asphalt screeds.

Features and benefits:

  • Heavy-duty.
  • Self-levelling.
  • Rapid-set.
  • Pumpable.
  • GEV EMICODE system: EC1PLUS (very-low-emission-plus) rating.
  • Suitable for floor heating systems.
  • CE Marked
  • Low-chromate to Regulation 1907/2006 EC, Annex XVII. systems.

General information




Pr_35_31_06_80 Smoothing and levelling underlay compoundsPrimary


M10/110 Bonded cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/115 Cement:sand levelling screeds

M10/130 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

M10/160 Proprietary self smoothing levelling screeds

M10/4 Cement:sand levelling screeds

M40/460 Smoothing underlayment

Product range

Floor Screeds

Specification data - Smoothing and levelling underlay compounds Enhanced data




40 N/mm² (approximately) after 28 days.

Flexural strength

(Flexural tensile strength)

10 N/mm² (approximately) after 28 days.


4–40 mm.

For thickness upwards of 10 mm, up to 1/3 of the prepared compound volume may be extended using 0–4 mm or 0–8 mm graded silica sand.

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