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Sopro ADS 630 Wet Room Tanking Kit


For use in showers, wet rooms and WCs applied prior to tiling.


Sopro A30 Wet Room Tanking Kit allows you to create a total wet room system prior to the installation of ceramic tiles in bathrooms, wet rooms and showers. This complete waterproofing kit comes complete with all necessary, compatible products for provision of waterproof barrier on walls and floors underneath ceramic tiles, particularly in showers, wet rooms and bathrooms.

Features and benefits:

  • For the installation of waterproofing system below tiling.
  • Economical system solution.
  • Ready-to-use products.


  • 1 litre GD 749 primer.
  • 5 kg Sopro FDF flexible sealing compound.
  • 5 m Sopro DB 438 sealing tape.
  • Sopro DMW 090 sealing collar for walls.
  • Universal roller.

Sopro GD 749 primer:

An easy-to-use, aqueous, solvent-free, synthetic resin primer for pre-treatment of high or variable suction substrates, for example; gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fibreboard, lime/ cement render and gypsum plasterwork.

Sopro FDF Flexible sealing compound:

A flexible sealing compound is a highly elastic, solvent-free, one-component liquid polymer waterproof coating for interiors, specifically domestic and commercial bathrooms, showers, washrooms and sanitary facilities. The ready-to-use material is simply applied by roller or trowel.

Sopro DMW 090 sealing collars for walls:

Used in installation of waterproofing systems for reliable sealing of ½” pipe penetrations below tiling.

Sopro DB 438:

An expansible, fabric-backed high-performance sealing tape for flexible bridging and waterproofing of perimeter and movement joints below tiling.

Universal roller:

Ideal for application of Sopro GD 749 primer and Sopro FDF flexible sealing compound.

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