Smooth Finish Polished Plaster



  • Suitable for application to internal substrates, though external use is possible in sheltered locations in limited colour range.
  • Suitable for plastered or rendered masonry such as block, brick or concrete, taped and skimmed boards such as Bluclad, plasterboard, GRG (glass fibre reinforced gypsum), primed MDF and on previously decorated (but not papered) surfaces.
  • Not suitable for application to substrates with high water content.

Materials and number of coats:

  • Where surfaces are of uneven suction: One coat Armourcoat K40 Primer by brush or roller.
  • Where surfaces are not uniformly flat or smooth: Two coats Armourcoat K124 or K149 Keycoat (each typically 0.5 mm) applied by trowel over primer.
  • On unsealed plasterboard or gypsum plaster: One coat Armourcoat Anti Crack Skim Coat Plaster (typically 3–5 mm) applied by trowel.
  • Topcoat: Two–three coats Smooth finish (approximate total 1.5–2.0 mm).


Self-finishing, proprietary multicoat plaster system with natural mottling and self-polish.

The system is water vapour permeable and suitable as a finish for traditional plastered masonry, including historic buildings.

  • Applied coating, for higher sheen or increased protection against soiling: White wax or black wax.
  • Applied coating, for breathable water repellence, frost resistance, mould inhibition: Armourcoat Armoursil.
  • Applied coating, for coloured, metallic or pearlescent glaze: Colourwash.

Features and benefits:

  • British fire test result: CLASS 0 as defined in paragraph a12(B) of Approved Document B, ‘Fire Safety’, to the Building Regulations 1991.
  • BS 476-7:1997 Class 1 surface spread of flame.
  • Pencil hardness to ASTM D 3363: 5H+. Surface hardness increases with age and carbonation of the material.
  • Impact resistance to ASTM D 2794: Two-inch pounds.
  • Shore D hardness when tested using Elcometer 3120 Shore Durometer D: 60.
  • Wet scrub resistance exceeding 10 000 cycles to ASTM D 2486.
  • Spread of flame to ASTM E 84 - 98: Class 1.
  • Compressive strength - 28 N/mm².
  • Mould and mildew resistance. Tested to ASTM D 3273 and ASTM D 3274.
  • VOC Content to ASTM D3960: 0 g/L.

General information


Wide choice of integral colours.



Self-finishing, with natural mottling and self-polish.



Selection of materials and number of coats determined by supplier to achieve required finish.



Finished thickness may vary to improve tolerances of substrate or where trowelling is repeated for visual effect.



Ten years

Ten year material warranty for interior applications.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_64 Polymer plastersPrimary


M20/220 Multicoat proprietary plaster

M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

M20/42 Multicoat proprietary plaster

Specification data - Polymer plasters Enhanced data


SM X0226.

SM X0218.

SM X0081.

SM X0107.

SM X6157.

SM X0115.

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SM X0180.

SM X0024.

SM X0016.

SM X0008.

SM X0172.

SM X0040.

SM X0032.

SM X0156.

SM X0073.

SM X0065.

SM X8112.

SM X8054.

SM X8047.

SM X2040.

SM X2172.

SM X2198.

SM X0149.

SM X0131.

SM X0123.

Dulux Trade.

Insert reference.


Insert reference.


Insert reference.

As sample BUK.

Input reference as marked on reverse of sample.

Product Reference

Smooth Finish Polished Plaster

Preparatory reinforcing skimcoat

Armourcoat Anti-crack.

Applied to pre-beaded plasterboard substrates where joints are left open in the top layer by 3-4 mm.

Applied finish


Water repellent.

Black wax.

Standard sheen, partial protection, also intensifies dark colours.

White wax.

Standard sheen, partial protection, also intensifies dark colours.


Low sheen, no protection.

As sample.

Low sheen, unsealed.


As drawing.

Show dimensions, also edge, corner and shadow joint beads by main contractor.

Environmental information

Recycled content


Contains 40% pre-consumer recycled marble.

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