Smartlane Turnstiles


  • Banks and insurance companies.
  • Government buildings and institutions.
  • Office buildings, head offices, administrative sites.
  • Schools, universities and colleges.
  • Sensitive sites: military bases, nuclear plants, pharmaceutical companies, data centres.
  • Industrial and manufacturing facilities.


Sliding doors made out of reinforced glass, up to 1.9 m tall, that can withstand occasional user assault and are almost impossible to fraud. They are commonly implemented in buildings entrances that require a higher level of control.

The security turnstile products can be easily integrated into any type of architecture.

  • The Smartlane 900/ 901/ 902 products offer an optimised balance between the ease of passage and compact footprint.
  • The Smartlane 910/ 911/ 912 products offer a wider walkway for people with reduced mobility or for service personnel.
  • The Smartlane Twin products offer the possibility of maximum pedestrian flow with a minimum footprint.

Features and benefits:

  • Equipped with high-security extensions and tempered retractable glass obstacles in various heights for increased security.
  • UL 325 certified to ensure additional user safety.
  • High-performance detection system to eliminate unauthorized use and false alarms (FAR and FRR).
  • Self-supporting frame (made from galvanized steel) integrating the electromechanical drive assembly for each mobile leaf, the photoelectric cells for the detection of the presence of users, and the control boards.
  • Brushed AISI 1.4307 (304L) stainless steel housing and side panels with key lock, allowing easy access to the electromechanical unit and the control boards.
  • Monolithic clear 12 mm thick tempered glass leaf, retracting completely into the body on opening.
  • Black laminate top cover (stainless steel around the fixed glass if any: i.e. for mobile leaf height >1000 mm). 
  • Dual control board ensuring the management of the gate and providing support for various control options and/or accessories. An LCD allows navigation in the drop-down menus and the modification of certain parameters.
  • Transfer of information through potential-free contacts: passage authorization, passage information, defect, state of the gate (free, prohibited, alarm…).
  • Orientation pictogram, indicating the state of the gate to the user (in service or out of service)…
  • Photoelectric cells for detecting presence, ensuring the control of the movement of the users through the gate as well as their safety during the movements of the mobile leaves. 
  • Extension to increase the level of safety by increasing the number of detection cells and to integrate an optional access control system (badge reader for example) (certain models only).
  • Fixed glass preventing climbing over the gate (certain models only).
  • CAN bus communication between the various modules making up the passage.
  • Opening or closing times (minimum): Varies depending on model (up to 0.8 seconds).
  • CE marked.

Electromechanical unit:

  • A three-phase asynchronous reduction motor.
  • Secondary transmission with crank-and-rod linkage ensuring perfect mechanical locking in both extreme positions.
  • A device for automatic opening of the mobile leaves in the event of a power failure.
  • A variable-speed controller ensuring progressive accelerations and gradual decelerations, for a movement without vibration and for protection of the mechanism and the users in the event of contact with the mobile leaves.
  • An inductive sensor controlling the position of the mobile leaf. 

General information


Range of colours available



Stainless steel


1020 mm


Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


Q50/160 Turnstile

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles Enhanced data


Brushed AISI 1.4307 (304L) stainless steel.

Product Reference


Security Entrance Lane with compact footprint.

Size (w x d): 1200 x 300 mm. 993 mm high leaf.


Wide Security Entrance Lane.

Size (w x d): 1200 x 450 mm. 993 mm high leaf.


Automatic Systems' security turnstile with dual passageway and compact footprint.

The SmartLane 910 Twin makes it possible to control two corridors independently. The SmartLane 910 Twin is installed between two walls, partitions or railings on which the reflectors are fitted that are needed for the operation of the detection cells.

Size (w x d): 1200 x 450 mm. 993 mm high leaf.


Security Entrance Lane with enhanced entrance control.

Size (w x d): 1600 x 300mm. 1700 mm high leaf.


Wide Security Entrance Lane with enhanced entrance control.

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Glass leaves of non-standard height.

1000 mm high.

1200 mm high.

1900 mm high.

Manufacturer's standard


Single-phase 230 VAC + ground, 50/60 Hz. (Do not connect to a floating network or to high impedance earthed industrial distribution network).


Three-phase asynchronous 0.12 kW.


270 W/ per gate.

Ingress protection



Protective section for mobile glass leaves, all heights.

Enhanced electronic protection cell kit (A and B directions).

Trolley protection cell kit.

Enhanced electronic protection and trolley protection cell kit.

“Free opening” cell kit.

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