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Suitable for use in tight spaces.


Slim domestic hot water cylinder with a large heating coil for fast heating and also back-up heating from an immersion heater. It uitilizes unique vacuum panel and Nanopur™ insulation, providing low heat loss. High flow rates provide a powerful shower flow. The cylinder is floor mounted and is supplied with a wall bracket for stabilization. An external expansion vessel is supplied, complete with its own wall bracket.

The heating coils are constructed from a smooth coil that will not encourage limescale deposits and offer longer and more efficient life than finned or rippled coils. The coils have increased length compared to finned coils, carry more heating fluid and therefore have a greater h eat transfer capacity.

Features and benefits:

  • High-grade NANOPUR™ and vacuum insulated panel (VIP) insulation.
  • Reduces heat loss by up to 300 kWh/ year.
  • ErP 'C' rating.
  • Smooth scale resistant coil.
  • Stainless steel pressure tank has a 25-year warranty.


  • Thermostat - Adjustable 40–70°C, pre-set at 65°C.
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve - 10 bar, 90–95°C.
  • Integrated G3 kit - Strainer, pressure relief valve, exp. relief, drain cock and tundish.
  • Expansion vessel - Supplied with wall bracket.
  • Stability bracket - Stainless steel.


Suitable for use in tight spaces.

General information




430 x 430 x1610

Uniclass 2015

Pr_60_50_20_23 Double feed indirect hot water storage cylindersPrimary


S90/43 Indirect hot water storage cylinders, double feed

S90/430 Indirect insulated combination units, double feed

Specification data - Double feed indirect hot water storage cylinders

Product Reference


Standard product features


RI 150-2 kW/1 x 240 V + coil 0.7 m².


141 L (for 2.5 persons).

Size (diameter x height):

430 x 1610mm.


46 kg.

Thermostat set point:


Energy rating:


Primary heating power:

16.5 kW.

Heat loss (to BS EN 12897):

76 W.

Heat loss / day (to BS EN 12897):

1.82 kWh/day.

Capacity (at 40°C):

221 L.

Heat up time:

25 minutes.

Recovery time:

17 minutes.

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