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Sliding Pocket Door System with Glass Door Single

Sliding pocket doors are a space-saving alternative to a traditional hinged door for downstairs toilets, utility rooms, bathrooms, en-suites, storerooms and pantries, walk-in wardrobesIdeal for any room where you wish to maximise the usable floor space in a property.


  • The door post, pocket and track assemble together and are inserted into the stud work as a complete unit which helps to ensure the door will run true and in line.
  • Door slides into the pocket in the wall.
  • Wide range of sizes to suit standard UK door sizes. Non-standard sizes on request up to 2 m wide and 3 m high door panel.
  • Door panels up to 100 kg (150 kg on request).
  • Suitable for use with 35 or 44 mm thick doors.
  • Doors, plasterboard and final architrave not included.
  • A wide range of glass pocket doors is available to suit the system – contact manufacturer for details.
  • For fire-rated version see the Sliding Pocket Door - Single Fire-Rated specification.


  • Quick and easy to assemble and install.
  • Complete with full wooden jamb kit for a professional finish.
  • Maintenance-free track and runners.
  • Fully extractable track, no need to break into the wall should you ever want to remove it.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear doorstop.
  • Self-centring floor guide with anti-warp profile.

General information

See Options below and insert requirements.



Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_24_80 Sliding door and partition setsPrimary

L20/520 Sliding doors

L20/525 Sliding pocket doors

P21/10 Quantities and locations

P21/350 Door track and running gear

Specification data - Sliding door and partition sets
Product Reference

Classic Sliding Pocket Door System – Single


See Options below and insert requirements.

Finished wall thickness

100 mm

125 mm

Door furniture

As schedule


Polished brass simple flush pull.


Antique brass simple flush pull.


Polished chrome simple flush pull.


Satin chrome simple flush pull.


Polished brass bathroom lock.


Antique brass bathroom lock.


Polished chrome bathroom lock.


Satin chrome bathroom lock.


Not required



e-Motion motor

Self closing mechanism

Soft close

Product Options


The following frame sizes (in mm) are available:

  • 1273 x 2056: To suit 610 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 585 x 1971 mm.
  • 1449 x 2056: To suit 686 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 661 x 1971 mm.
  • 1463 x 2056: To suit 711 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 675 x 1971 mm.
  • 1625 x 2056: To suit 762 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 737 x 1971 mm.
  • 1701 x 2056: To suit 838 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 813 x 1971 mm.
  • 1888 x 2056: To suit 914 x 1981 mm door. Clearance: 900 x 1971 mm.
  • 1663 x 2105: To suit 813 x 2032 mm door. Clearance 775 x 2020 mm.
  • 1838 x 2105: To suit 864 x 2032 mm door. Clearance 850 x 2020 mm.
  • 1288 x 2115: To suit 626 x 2040 mm door. Clearance: 600 x 2030 mm.
  • 1488 x 2115: To suit 726 x 2040 mm door. Clearance: 700 x 2030 mm.
  • 1688 x 2115: To suit 826 x 2040 mm door. Clearance: 800 x 2030 mm.
  • 1888 x 2115: To suit 926 x 2040 mm door. Clearance: 900 x 2030 mm.
  • 2088 x 2115: To suit 1026 x 2040 mm door. Clearance: 1000 x 2030 mm.

Bespoke sizes available on request.


  • E-Motion Linear motor open/close. Can be operated by push button, infra red detector, remote control or radar sensor activator.
  • Soft close: Slide the door towards the close position and the soft close takes over.
  • Self closing mechanism: Open the door and it closes by itself.
  • ECLISSE BIAS®: Soft Close anti-slam device with 40 kg soft closing.
  • ECLISSE BIAS® DS: Bi-directional soft close up to 40 kg with anti-slam.

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