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SL200 Self Levelling Concrete


  • Corrects uneven or wavy concrete or wood finishes.
  • Levels and repairs uneven surfaces.
  • Used as a chemical/ acid resistant barrier for vulnerable materials.


An acid resistant, low permeability, medium density flowable concrete for use over wood, masonry, or cementitious elements as a structural leveling layer. SL200 contains no Portland Cement and none of the weaknesses including no bleed water, reduced freezing temperature of 14°F. SL200 is exothermic for the first approximate 120 seconds, and then produces an endothermic chemical cure.

For flat and level floor construction, final placed concrete elevations can be left 1/8” to ¼” below intended final

elevation. SL200 is placed as the final surfacing thereby removing the need for extensive finishing efforts to achieve floor flatness and levelness requirements.


Prepare the surface of wood by removing any dirt, debris, or incompatible coatings.

Features and benefits:

  • Low shrinkage and low thermal coefficients.
  • No VOCs.
  • Cures quickly in warm/hot weather allowing rapid completion of projects.
  • Can be polished after four days of warm curing.
  • Shrinkage compensators reduce/ remove cracking.
  • Elevated alkalinity removes mould and bacterial growth.
  • Bonds to wood, concrete, masonry and just about everything except plastic or galvanizing.
  • Resistant to all organic and inorganic acids and concentrations except for hydrofluoric.
  • Acts as a water sealant.
  • Can be coloured.
  • Green Technology containing absolutely no Portland Cement.

General information





Geopolymer cement containing zero Portland. Glass technology.


22.68 kg


Pr_20_31_16_68 Proprietary concretesPrimary


C42/325 Proprietary sprayed mortar/ concrete

Specification data - Proprietary concretes Enhanced data

Bond strength

1200–2500 psi (at 22% water content, to ASTM C321).


1200–2500 psi (at 22% water content, to ASTM C307).

Water absorption

0.5–1% (at 22% water content, to ASTM C413).

Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon


Carbon reduction compared to other portland floor levelling compounds.



Recycled content

80 %

Up to 80% recycled materials.


Acid resistant cold fusion SL200 self levelling

Acid resistant cold fusion SL200 self levelling

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