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Floor/ ceiling systems on engineered timber joists, widely used in the construction of both residential and commercial sector buildings. They can be used to cover a wide range of design objectives, including aesthetic, acoustics, environmental, safety and performance requirements.

General information
Specification data
Product Reference

REJ 028: Direct-to-Timber

System weight: 30 kg/m²; Thickness: 277–294 mm; Fire performance: 30 minutes; Acoustic performance: 41 dB sound reduction; Impact sound insulation: 80 dB.


Insert requirement(s) from manufacturer's literature.


GTEC Drywall Sealer

Ivory, pre-decoration coat for plasterboard.

GTEC Universal Sealer

For use on plasterboard prior to painting for improved whiteness and covering power.



GTEC Resilient Bar

450 mm centres (maximum).

Standard product features

GTEC Intumescent Acoustic Sealant:

Perimeter sealing to restrict smoke, sound and fire penetration. Ensures system performance.


GTEC High Thread Screws.

Ceiling outer layer:

One 15 mm-thick GTEC Fire Board.


240 mm-high (minimum) engineered timber I-joists at 600 mm centres (supplied by others).


22 mm-thick tongued-and-grooved chipboard (supplied by others).

Fire performance (to BS 476-21 and BS EN 1365-2):

30 minutes.

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