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Single Pump Monitor/ Alarm

Single pump monitor/ alarm with an integral high level audible/ visual mains alarm which is activated by the pump float mechanism within the sump. It also records each activation of the pump and length of run time of the pump, which is ideally suited where unknown levels of water ingress occur and also to monitor changes in levels of ingress between service intervals.


  • Adjustable current potentiometer for different pump sizes.
  • Auto-off-manual selector switch (manual not latched).
  • Auxiliary protection fuses.
  • Door interlock switch.
  • Electronic control panels.
  • IP50 protection.
  • Mains LED.
  • Minimum/ maximum alarm lamp.
  • Motor fuses.
  • Motor operating LED.
  • Motor protected LED.
  • Plastic enclosure.
  • Very low voltage inputs for external control.

General information


Adjustable current potentiometer for different pump sizes

Auto-off-manual selector switch (manual not latched)

Auxiliary protection fuses

Door interlock switch

Electronic control panels

IP50 protection

Mains LED

Minimum/ maximum alarm lamp

Motor fuses

Motor operating LED

Motor protected LED

Plastic enclosure

Very low voltage inputs for external control

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R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

Specification data - Private packaged pumping stations

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Single Pump Monitor/ Alarm

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