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Pre-application cleaner for panels and aluminium substructures. Not suitable for ceramic or cementitious panels, or timber substructures.

General information

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Specification data - Cleaning agents

Product Reference

Sika® Aktivator-205

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

- SikaTack® Panel-50 Adhesive:

  • Density: 1.1 kg/L (approximately).
  • Shore A-hardness: 45 (approximately).
  • Chemical base: Neutral moisture curing 1-C polyurethane.
  • Service temperature: -40°C to +90°C.
  • Application temperature: 5–35°C.
  • Tensile strength: 2.0 N/mm² (approximately).
  • Elongation at break: 500% (approximately).
  • Colour: Ivory.
  • Non-sag properties: very good.
  • Thermal resistance: 130°C (four hours), 150°C (one hour).
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to fresh water, seawater, aqueous cleaning solutions, temporarily resistant to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils; not resistant to organic acids, alcohol, concentrated mineral acids, caustic solutions and solvents.

- Sika® Aktivator-205:

  • Density: 0.80 kg/l approx.
  • Chemical base: Solvent based adhesion promoter.
  • Application temperature: 5–35°C.
  • Colour: Colourless.
  • Flash Point: 12°C.
  • Application: Wipe on with lint free paper towel.
  • Flash off time: 10 minutes.

- SikaTack® Panel Primer:

  • Density: 1.0 kg/l approx.
  • Chemical base: Pigmented, solvent based adhesion promoter.
  • Application temperature: 5–35°C.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Solid Content: 32% approx.
  • Application: Foam applicator.
  • Flash off time: 30 minutes.

- SikaTack® Panel Fixing Tape:

  • Chemical base: Closed cell polyethylene foam core with pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • Application temperature: 5–35°C.
  • Colour: Anthracite.
  • Resistance to shear: 1kg/25x25 mm approx.