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A rapid set, flexible cement based self-levelling compound suitable for floor smoothing and levelling of uneven rigid internal floors prior to applying final wearing coverings such as carpets, sheet vinyl, lino, tiles, laminates and timber.

It can be used for levelling and smoothing of surfaces on concrete, sand cement screeds, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, quarry tiles, heated screeds and encapsulating embedded electric underfloor heating systems where the majority of the substrate is visible through the heating mat or cable. SikaLatex® Ultra is also suitable for covered exterior applications, such as on sheltered balconies and walkways, prior to laying ceramic tiles, slabs and natural stone.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Rapid curing approximately 2–3 hours before trafficking.
  • Excellent flow ability.
  • Resists blow hole production.
  • Can be used from feather edge up to 20 mm thick.
  • For use inside and out (external use should be primed with Sika SBR).
  • Suitable for use under all common floor finishes.
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating.
  • Should be primed with SikaBond PVA for an improved adhesion/ finish.

General information


Cement based powder


Pr_35_31_06_80 Smoothing and levelling underlay compoundsPrimary


M10/130 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

M10/7 Proprietary quick drying levelling screeds

Product range


Specification data - Smoothing and levelling underlay compounds

Product Reference

SikaLatex® Ultra

Standard product features


Cement based powder.



Technical properties:

  • Density: 1.66 kg/L.
  • Skinning/ laying time: 15–20 minutes (23°C/ 50% r.h.).
  • Service temperature: -10 to +70°C.

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