Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack - Galvanized Steel

The VELOPA Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack is floor fixed cycle rack based upon the Sheffield Cycle Stand. The Sheffield Toastrack Cycle Rack consists of Sheffield Cycle Stands welded at 800 mm centres to floor fixed box section rails. The benefits of a Toastrack Cycle Rack over individual stand are reduced installation costs and pre-determined gaps between stands, each stand is suitable for parking two bicycles. The Sheffield Toastrack is ideal where cycle parking in large numbers is required.


  • Made to accommodate any number of stands.
  • Width: 800 mm; height (above ground): 750 mm.
  • 48 mm diameter.
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm.
  • Square section: 50 x 50 mm.
  • Manufactured from galvanized carbon steel as standard to BS EN ISO 1461:1999.
  • Colour coated finish also available.
  • Supplied in modules for assembly on site.
  • Stands are positioned 800 mm apart and are for bolting down only.
  • Average weight: 17 kg per stand.

Recommended minimum stand spacing is 800 mm, which is sufficient to park two cycles between double sided stands. This spacing allows the user to walk into the space while another cycle is parked against the adjoining stand and easily attach a patented lock or lock and chain to multiple points on the bicycles and stand.

General information


Made to accommodate any number of stands

Width: 800 mm; height (above ground): 750 mm

48 mm diameter

Wall thickness: 3 mm

Square section: 50 x 50 mm

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Sheffield Cycle Stand - Galvanized Steel


Three rails, 3/6 bicycles (138200303)

Four rails, 4/8 bicycles (138200304)

Five rails, 5/10 bicycles (138200305)

Six rails, 6/12 bicycles (138200306)

Seven rails, 7/14 bicycles (138200307)

Eight rails, 8/16 bicycles (138200308)

Colour/ Finish

Galvanized only

Galvanized and colour coated, colour

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