Servipak® 3

A lightweight protection board made from selected aggregates bound with bitumen, laminated between two rough asphaltic papers, designed for light applications and general vertical use. Suitable for use as a protection board to Procor® 10 and 20 cold applied membranes beneath hot asphalt finishes. Lay boards as soon as the cold applied membrane has cured sufficiently to accept foot traffic.


The joints between the protection boards to be dry and primed with Primer B2. Apply primer in 100 mm wide bands with a brush or roller and allow to dry before applying self-adhesive Armourtape centrally over the joint. Careful application of heat will assist in promoting adhesion of the Armourtape at low temperatures. Armourtape must be firmly rolled with a lap roller along its length and at junctions to ensure continuity.

Perimeter treatment:

Where protection boards abut the parapet, pipe bays or abutments, they should be pre-measured and accurately cut to size by incising with a sharp knife and breaking on edge.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_08_75 Reinforced bitumen roofing sheetsPrimary


J30/330 Protection of external coatings

J30/80 Protection of coatings

J41/430 Warm deck roof insulation

Specification data - Reinforced bitumen roofing sheets

Product Reference

Servipak® 3

Standard product features


3 mm.


4 kg/m².

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