Servidek® / Servipak® System

Servidek® / Servipak® System

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A two component, rubber/ bitumen liquid waterproofing system, designed for concrete and steel bridge and trafficked decks.

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A two component, rubber/ bitumen liquid waterproofing system, designed for concrete and steel bridge and trafficked decks. Servipak® Protection Boards comprise selected fillers bound in a bitumen compound, laminated between 2 layers of durable bituminous felt. The boards are laid bonded to the Servidek membrane to provide protection against damage from hot and cold applied finishes.

System features:

  • Damp surface tolerant: Wide ‘weather window’ for application.
  • Green concrete tolerant: Where necessary, the system can be applied to newly poured concrete surfaces, typically after 24 hours, and also acts as a curing compound.
  • Elastomeric: Will accept cracking in substrates caused by deflection or shrinkage.
  • Low temperature performance: Adhesive and flexibility properties maintained in -40°C service conditions.
  • Critical path: Finishes can be installed 4 hours after waterproofing installation.
  • Simple application by squeegee or trowel: No specialist application machinery.
  • No priming: Applied directly to clean substrates.


Concrete surfaces to be levelled and screeded to form a uniform surface. On hardening and after bleed water evaporation, the concrete should be trowelled to produce a hard dense surface free of screed marks and exposed aggregate. Finally, lightly texture the surface with a wooden float or equivalent. Maximum deviation in surface profile shall be 10 mm over a 3 metre gauge length and any abrupt irregularities over 3 mm shall be removed or filled with high strength repair mortar.

The concrete deck should be clean, and free from ice, frost, laitance, loose aggregate, oil grease, moss, algae growth, dust and any other contaminants that could decrease adhesion between the concrete and the waterproofing system. Damp surfaces are acceptable but any surface water should be removed by sweeping or with air lances. Apply to green/ fresh concrete only when necessary. If concrete curing compounds/ membranes that could impair waterproof membrane adhesion have been used, test a sample of Servidek for adhesion to determine if removal is necessary.

Coating application:

Mix parts A and B of Servidek® compound on site to a combined volume of 22.5 litres and spread immediately with a squeegee at a rate of 10–12 m²/ 22.5 litre unit, depending on substrate surface and temperature.

  • Day joints: Always leave a 50 mm leading edge of Servidek compound to enable subsequent overlapping. Seal the exposed edges of Servidek® Protection Boards with Servidek compound. Commence work the following day by ensuring the 50 mm leading edge is clean and dry, then overlap with fresh Servidek compound.
  • Servipak protection boards: Must be laid while the Servidek compound is still wet and laid progressively to minimise applicator trafficking until the Servidek has cured. The boards must be close butt jointed to ensure continuous protection to the Servidek. Where gaps occur between boards, these must be filled with Servidek prior to applying Armourtape to all board joints.
  • The joints between the protection boards should be dry and primed with Primer B2. Apply primer in 100 mm wide bands with a brush or roller and allow to dry before applying self-adhesive Armourtape centrally over the joint. Careful application of heat will assist in promoting adhesion of the Armourtape at low temperatures. Armourtape must be firmly rolled with a lap roller along its length and at junctions to ensure continuity.
  • Minimum cure time for Servidek/ Servipak is 4 hours.

Surface protection:

Full thickness overlays must be laid as soon as possible after the waterproofing is installed, ideally within 48 hours. Servidek®/ Servipak® is designed to be self-protecting during the installation of all conventional bridge and trafficked deck structure overlays and wearing courses, including:

  • Asphalt concrete for roads and paved areas (BS EN 12591).
  • Gussasphalt.
  • Hot rolled asphalt.
  • Precast concrete block paviors on sand or sand/ cement bedding.
  • Precast concrete paving slabs on sand or sand/ cement bedding.
  • Reinforced concrete.
  • Root barrier and drainage geocomposites for green roof systems.
  • Sand asphalt.
  • Stone ballast (12 mm Servipak® boards only).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_31_02_15 Cold-applied bitumen bonding compoundsPrimary


J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

J30/130 Cold applied damp proofing . . . . . .

J31/110 Cold deck roof coating

J31/5 Cold deck roof coating

Specification data - Cold-applied bitumen bonding compounds

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Servidek®/ Servipak® System

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Servidek® compound

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