Securex Explosion Relief Ventilator

Securex Explosion Relief Ventilator

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An explosion relief ventilator which has been designed to minimise the effects of an explosion on the structure of a building. It rapidly opens and thereby dissipates excess internal pressure caused by the explosion.

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Securex ventilators can be installed onto flat roofs, into walls or onto sloping surfaces from the horizontal to the vertical. If the ventilator is to be assembled onto steel frames the flange can be prefabricated.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_65_04_56 Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilatorsPrimary


L10/490 Roof ventilators

Specification data - Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

Product Reference

Securex Explosion Relief Ventilator







10 mm polycarbonate

16 mm polycarbonate

Standard product features


In the closed position the lid is locked closed by a stainless steel bolt and two spring pins which are designed to release the lid at a pressure of 16 mbar or above.


The base and flange are manufactured out of high-quality aluminium alloy (EN AW-3005 H14). The flange can be adapted to the requirements of the installation.


The lid consists of an all-round extrusion made from aluminium alloy into which is fitted a clear or opaque polycarbonate panel which can be either 10 or 16 mm thick. The lid is fastened with stainless steel hinges to the base. The ventilator can also be supplied with a non-transparent non-insulated lid.

Arresting ropes:

Elastic polyamide ropes arrest the opening movement of the lid so as to avoid it damaging the unit when it opens. Once a visual check for damage has been carried out, the unit can be closed manually and then it is fully functioning once again.


  • Width: 660 mm.
  • Length: 1310 mm.
  • Height: 117 mm.

Third party certifications
  • Quality Assurance - certficate : Securex has been successfully tested by the German DMT Institute for Explosion Protection, Dortmund
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