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SeceuroDoor StackGrille

Suitable for commercial, industrial and car park applications.


The innovative and patented technology of the SeceuroDoor StackGrille results in a lightweight and strong safety door that is not liftable by would-be intruders. It also offers easy installation, contemporary design and a large reduction in the installation space when compared to standard door designs.

It sets the standard for security grilles, with solid steel vertical pins secured into heavy-gauge steel horizontal bars. These bars create a self-locking curtain which prevents lifting, providing an increased level of security.

Features and benefits:

  • Constructed from 30 x 15 mm horizontal beams with 8 mm-thick vertical connectors.
  • 80% visibility.
  • Made-to-measure for a tailor-made security solution.
  • RC2/ RC3: burglar-resistant.
  • Stackable, lightweight and strong..
  • Slim design and maximum transparency.
  • Available in steel or any RAL colour.
  • Available in any shape: straight, curved or angled.
  • Wide span without intermediate side guides.
  • Up to 12 m clear opening width guarantees that interior or exterior views are unobstructed by central guide rails.
  • Minimal installation space required.
  • High usage and rapid operation options.
  • Range of compatible controls and safety systems.


Suitable for commercial, industrial and car park applications.

General information

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SeceuroDoor StackGrille


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Stack -

Galvanized steel


Stainless steel



Special order

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Hood/ fascia -

150 x 200 mm

70 mm axle.

198 x 298 mm

102 mm axle.



Connector pieces are provided to join 3+ m sections together.



Guide channels

Double stack

Offers increased headroom

Single stack



Industrial motor

Industrial moto, full automation


Tubular motor, key switch

Tubular motor, push-button


Photo cells

Safety brake


Somfy Rollixo control panel for impulse control

Extra security

Not required

RC2 rating

Standard product features


  • Weight: 13 kg/m².
  • Profiles: top slat and eight increasing slats.
  • Size: horizontal bars: 30 x 15 mm, pins: 8 mm.
  • Over 8300 mm horizontal bars are split and joined together on site.

Bottom slat:

  • Construction: aluminium.
  • Size: 32 x 145 mm (including rubber).
  • Rubber: thin weather seal.
  • Double guide variants have an additional 60 x 60 angle fitted to the bottom slat(this catches the stack in the second stack).

Hood and fascia:

Steel construction.

Guide channels:

  • Construction: aluminium extrusion, two profiles (clip together).
  • Size: 120 x 62 mm.


Guide channels face-fixed; the endplates are fixed to the structure. The top stack horizontal bar must be secured to the ceiling or the hook gutter (face-fix option) must be fixed at the position stated on the order confirmation.


  • Safety brake (tubular motor).
  • Integrated worm gear brake (direct-drive motor).
  • Industrial drive options.
  • LZR system – emits four planes of infrared light, creating an exclusion zone. One fitted either side of the SeceuroDoor StackGrille.
  • Light curtain – one pair fitted either side of the guide channels.

Product Options


Available 2000–12000 x 2000–5000 mm (w x h); curved and corner versions available.

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