A walkable modular ceiling, 100 mm thick, which consists of metallic structure profiles and removable cladding (cassettes), allowing initial or future incorporation of cables or other equipment such as light fittings or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) terminals.

Structural bearers are manufactured from lacquered steel sheet, with a 100 x 60 mm section and a modular span of 1100 or 1200 mm. They are regularly pre-punched on the edge for perpendicular cable routing. Brackets for suspension by M10 rods are integrated every 2400/ 1100 or 1200 mm. Permitted load uniformly distributed UDL: 2.5 KN/m².

Lower cladding:

  • The lower cladding is manufactured from lacquered steel, 0.8 mm thick and clamped on the structural bearers.
  • Modular width: 600 or 900 mm.
  • Span: 1200 mm.
  • Cassette size: 600 x 1100 mm or 900 x 1100 mm.
  • System totally flush on under part of the bearers.
  • Pre-cutting for component incorporation is prefabricated off -site.

Various finishes available including:

  • Polyester lacquer 25 microns, iceberg white colour (similar to RAL 9010).
  • PET complex 55 microns, iceberg white colour (similar to RAL 9010).

Upper cladding:

  • Galvanized steel, 2 mm thick, secured on the structural bearers, independently removable.
  • Modular width: 600 or 900 mm.
  • Span: 1200 mm.
  • Cassette size: 600 x 1100 mm or 900 x 1100 mm.
  • Pre-cutting for incorporation is prefabricated off site.


  • Airtightness by mastic (silicone caulk, MS Polymer, etc.).
  • Upper joint cover totally flush.

Light fitting modules:

A set of flush light fittings with lamps or LED totally integrated into a ceiling cassette. The fitting is accessible from the rear part of the ceiling for maintenance purposes. A wide choice of lighting components and designs plus safety options are available. Consult manufacturer for details.

HVAC terminal modules:

Specific ceiling modules are available for the integration of totally flush HVAC equipment such as air entrance or extraction terminals with or without filters. Consult manufacturer for details.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_25_22_90 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K30/135 Relocatable partition/ Ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

Specification data - Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems

Product Reference


Cassette size

600 x 1100 mm

900 x 1100 mm

Accessories/ Other requirements


Grid ceiling frame work with crossed noggins

HVAC terminal

Light fitting module

Non-walkable ceiling variant (without upper cladding)

Optional infill

To improve acoustic or thermal performance; consult manufacturer for details.

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