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Schöck Sconnex®

Sconnex® type W

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Load-bearing thermal insulation elements for effective reduction of thermal bridges in walls and columns.

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For reinforced concrete walls.


Sconnex® type W is a load-bearing thermal insulation element for reinforced concrete walls that insulates the thermal bridge at the base or the top of the wall and significantly reduces energy losses. The insulating element is made of Neopor (WLG 031). The compression block is made of microfibre-reinforced high performance concrete. The material has very high compressive

strength as well as high flexural strength. The addition of steel fibres also produces excellent post-cracking behaviour. The steel brackets used to transfer shear forces into the thrust block consists of a standard BSt 550 B ∅10 mm. In standard application cases, the steel bars are protected against corrosion by a sufficient covering of concrete. The product was previously sold under the name Schöck Alphadock®.

Sconnex® type P is a load-bearing thermal insulation element for reinforced concrete columns that insulates the thermal bridge at the column head and eliminates the need for flank insulation. The Part C thermal insulation element has a pressure-resistant bearing structure made of lightweight concrete and Polypropylene (PP) fibres in an insulation layer 100 mm thick. Its special properties reduce the flow of heat considerably and eliminate the need for flank insulation. The glass fibre reinforcement consists of four rods of Schöck Combar® D1 and additionally reduces the heat flow. The Part T reinforcement element is installed immediately below Part C in

the column reinforcement. It is made of stainless steel and its

strapping effect increases the load-bearing capacity of the connection. It is essential that this part is installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

Features and benefits:

  • Reduction of energy loss.
  • Reduction or elimination of expensive under-slab insulation.
  • Increased wall surface temperatures.
  • Guaranteed prevention of structural damage.
  • Elimination of flank insulation.
  • No rendering or painting necessary.
  • Simplified cable and/ or pipe routing.
  • Cost-effective installation of insulation layer on the floor slab.
  • Reduction of exterior insulation thickness increases the interior floor space.
  • Increased interior room height.

General information





Polypropylene (PP)

Glass Fibre


Pr_35_90_15_88 Thermal break shear load connectorsPrimary


E40/440 Load transfer systems

E40/445 Insulating load transfer systems

E40/445 Insulating load transfer systems

Specification data - Thermal break shear load connectors Enhanced data


Neopor (WLG 031), microfibre-reinforced high performance concrete and steel.

Fire resistance

30 mins.

60 mins.

90 mins.

120 mins.