Suitable for use on exposed flat roofs on smooth substrates.


A 1.5 mm thick polyvinyl chloride (PVC), multi-layer, self-adhesive, lacquered matt finish, weldable sheet membrane with a glass fibre reinforcing inlay. Contains ultraviolet (UV) light stabilizers and flame retardants to provide a colour stable, fast installation, low maintenance and durable membrane.

Features and benefits:

  • Factory applied volatile organic compound (VOC) free self-adhesive system.
  • No primer required.
  • Lacquer coated surface.
  • Resistant to permanent UV radiation.
  • Glass fleece inlay provides high dimensional stability.
  • High water vapour permeability.
  • Resistant to all common environmental influences.
  • Suitable for use in most global conditions.
  • Hot air welded with no naked flames.
  • Fast installation.
  • Instant wind uplift resistance through the self-adhesive backing.
  • CE marked to BS EN 13956, tested for external fire performance to EN 1187, and manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001.


  • Sarnafil® G 410-15EL sheet for detailing.
  • Sarnafil® G 410-15EL strips.
  • Sarnafil® metal sheet.
  • Peelstop.
  • Sarna seam cleaner.
  • Sarna cleaner.

Consult manufacturer for details on available ancillary products.


Suitable for use on exposed flat roofs on smooth substrates.


Sarnafil® G 410-15EL is bonded to flashing surfaces using Sarnacol® 2170 adhesive.

Should not be placed in direct contact with other plastics, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and phenol formaldehyde (PF). Not resistant to tar, bitumen, oil and solvent containing materials.

General information




Premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_66 Polymeric membranesPrimary


J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/110 Warm deck roof covering

J42/120 Inverted roof covering

J42/130 Cold deck roof covering

J42/400 Waterproof membrane

Specification data - Polymeric membranes

Product Reference

Sarnafil® G410-EL SA

Standard product features

Roll size (l x w):

15 x 2 m.


1.5 mm.


60 kg.


Premium-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC).




  • Top surface: Light grey (Sika colour 9525).
  • Bottom surface: Dark grey.


Self-adhesive film and polypropylene (PP) release liner.

Technical properties:

  • Straightness (to BS EN 1848-2): ≤30 mm.
  • Flatness (to BS EN 1848-2): ≤10 mm.
  • Mass per unit area: 2 kg/m².
  • Water tightness (to BS EN 1928): Pass.
  • External fire performance (to EN 1187 and BS EN 13501-5): BROOF(t4).
  • Reaction to fire (to BS EN ISO 11952-2 and BS EN 13501-1): Class E.
  • Hail resistance (to BS EN 1358): Rigid substrate: ≥22 m/s; flexible substrate: ≥30 m/s.
  • Joint peel resistance (to BS EN 12316-2): ≥300 N/50 mm.
  • Joint shear resistance (to BS EN 12317-2): ≥600 N/50 mm.
  • Water vapour transmission (to BS EN 1931): μ = 20 000.
  • Tensile strength (to BS EN 12311-2): Longitudinal (machine direction): ≥600 N/50 mm; transversal (cross machine direction): ≥600 N/50 mm.
  • Elongation (to BS EN 12311-2): Longitudinal (machine direction): ≥300%; transversal (cross machine direction): ≥300%.
  • Resistance to impact (to BS EN 12691): Hard substrate: ≥600 mm; soft substrate: ≥1000 mm.
  • Resistance to static load (to BS EN 12730): Soft substrate: ≥20 kg; rigid substrate: ≥20 kg.
  • Dimensional stability (to BS EN 1107-2): Longitudinal (machine direction): ≤0.2%; transversal (cross machine direction): ≤0.1%.
  • Foldability at low temperature (to BS EN 495-5): ≤-20°C.
  • UV exposure (to BS EN 1297): Pass (>5000 hours/ grade 0).
  • Application temperature: Ambient: 5–60°C; substrate: 5–60°C.

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