Safeticurb is a long established, well-proven linear drainage system with a discrete cross-fall to direct surface water to drainage entrance for hard landscaped areas and roadways.

Safeticurb is available with slot, grid or integrated kerb options, as well as a full range of accessories.

Safeticurb and accessories are available in the full range of trafficking standard classifications to BS EN 1433 from load class A for pedestrian areas, walkways and cycle tracks to load class F for airport taxiways and specialist industrial areas.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_24_47 Linear slot drainage channelsPrimary


Q10/170 Linear slot drainage channel systems

Q10/180 Drainage channel systems with gratings

Q10/30 Drainage channel system

Specification data - Linear slot drainage channels

Product Reference

Safeticurb slot unit

Safeticurb slot unit with ductile iron insert

Safeticurb grid unit

Safeticurb HB2 kerb profile unit

Safeticurb SP kerb profile unit


125 mm

150 mm

Load class








Silt box type A with solid top

Silt box type A with grating

Silt box type H with solid top

Silt box type H with grating

Silt box type J with solid top

Silt box type J with grating

HB2 kerb inspection unit

SP kerb inspection unit

HB2 kerb transition unit, LH

HB2 kerb transition unit, RH

SP kerb transition unit, LH

SP kerb transition unit, RH

HB2 kerb manhole unit

SP kerb manhole unit

Standard product features


All units are 914 mm long. 125 mm bore units are 250 mm wide and deep, 150 mm units are 305 mm wide and deep. Kerb units are 250 mm wide and SP are 320 mm deep and HB2 are 350 mm deep.

Product Options


Slot with ductile iron insert and kerb profile units are only available in 125 mm bore.

Load class:

Different channel styles are available in a range of load class designations, refer to manufacturer for details.

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