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Safetell Eye2Eye

Eye2Eye is a ticket office security window and counterwork module incorporating a range of features to provide equality of access for all passengers, and ballistic resistant or physical attack resistant protection for staff. The product provides a finished single module solution easily fitted into position at site.

Ideal for locations where only a single counter position is possible or cost effective, as its integral moving height counter allows all customers and wheelchair users to be served from a single service position.

The counter height can be positioned by either staff or customer to suit individual needs. The staff override feature prevents improper use by members of the public, while anti-entrapment sensors allow height adjustment without risk to staff or customers.

The product is featured in the Department of Transport’s publication 'Accessible Train and Station Design for Disabled People' and incorporates numerous features to assist passengers with health related travel problems, including: sculpted counter edges and cash scoop to assist those with dexterity problems, induction loop and speech transfer to aid those with hearing difficulties, contrasting colour schemes to help the partially sighted, as well as an adjustable height counter surface.

Specification data
Product Reference

Safetell Eye2Eye


2150 mm

2350 mm

Colour/ Finish

Bespoke colours available, consult manufacturer for details.


Anti-physical attack or bullet resistant glass available, consult manufacturer for details.



Anti-vandal external metal shutter

Call for assistance button

Chip and pin cableway

Coin and note tray with removable lid

Glazed side panels

'Position closed' blind

Standard product features

Size (overall w x d):

1192 x 951 mm.

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