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RynoTerracePave™ Paving System

A fully non-combustible paving system comprised of adjustable steel paving support pedestals and stylish, contemporary porcelain slabs.

Features and benefits:

  • Achieves Euroclass A1 fire rating.
  • Simple design makes installation fast and straightforward.
  • Large height range available.
  • Porcelain paving is anti-slip, frost proof and protected from fading.
  • Shock-absorbent spacer gasket provides consistent nominal spacing between slabs.
  • Totally flat supporting base evenly spreads the load, protecting surfaces and membranes.


Designed specifically for inset balconies, terraces and roofs.

General information

Pedestal: Aztec Zinc Nickel corrosion resistant finish


Pedestal: Mild steel

Paving: Porcelain

Specification data
Product Reference

RynoTerracePave™ Paving System


RP–FR–1 25–35 mm

RP–FR–5 115–205 mm

RP–FR–2 35–50 mm

RP–FR–6 205–305 mm

RP–FR–3 50–70 mm

RP–FR–7 305–405 mm

RP–FR–4 70–115 mm

RP–FR–8 405–505 mm

Standard product features

Pedestal base size:

120 x 120 mm.

Paving slab size:

600 x 600 x 20 mm.


  • Pedestal: Mild steel.
  • Paving: Porcelain.


Pedestal: Aztec Zinc Nickel corrosion resistant finish.


+1000 kg.