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The external sun screen consists of a fabric roller blind that keeps out direct sunlight while partly maintaining the view. The sun protection is placed on top of a closed structure, such as a rooflight. A zip is welded onto the screen, which runs in the side channels via a guide system and is provided extra tension using the revolutionary tensioning system. This means the screen is wind-resistant in any position. If fitted directly on the window frame this product can be used to keep out insects and dim the room. Screen and motor are removable for installation, maintenance or, where needed, replacement. Manufactured according to, complies with and/or has been tested according to EN 13561.

General information


Pr_30_59_07_72 Roller blindsPrimary


N10/240 Blinds

Product range

Sun Protection Screen / Horizontal

Specification data - Roller blinds

Product Reference

Rooflights External Roller Blind Topfix®

Finish/ Colour


20 μ.

Powder coated, colour

Insert requirements.

Standard product features

Dimensions (maximum):

  • Screen: 2.5 x 2.5 m. Two screens with side channels can be joined together to a maximum width of 5.00 m and a maximum height of 2.50 m.
  • Box: 105 x 100 mm (w x h).


Electrical, using a 230 V AC tubular motor, without manual override.


Pre-tensioned polyester.


  • Standard: 380–420 g/m².
  • Blackout: 650 g/m².

Product Options

Wind class:

The screen meets European standard EN 13561 (compliant to wind resistance class 3). Guaranteed up to 120 km/h when closed.