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Ronafix for Screeds - Mix A Screed 6–50 mm

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Ronacrete Ltd

Admixture for floor screeds, renders, concrete repair, bedding and bonding mortars.

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Ronafix is a water-based, modified styrene butadiene polymer admixture with four main uses:

  • Bedding and bonding mortars.
  • Concrete repair mortars.
  • Floor screeds – thin section wearing or levelling, fine concretes and floor repair.
  • Water resistant and tanking renders.


  • Concrete colour, variable texture according to mix design and applied finish.
  • Dependent on mix, resistant to water, frost and chemicals.
  • Improves resistance to freeze/ thaw cycling.
  • Improves wear resistance.
  • Increases compressive and flexural strength.
  • Reduces compressive modulus.
  • Reduces permeability or renders impermeable to liquid water according to the mix design.
  • Reduces shrinkage and water demand, aiding early drying.

General information

Rapid drying, Improved compressive, flexural and tensile strength, compatible with underfloor heating systems, excellent resistance to passage of water and water vapour, suitable for screed pumps

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Product Reference

Ronafix Admixture for Screeds



Bonded wearing and levelling screed, minimum 10 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Light and Medium.


Bonded levelling screed, minimum 25 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Light and Medium.


Bonded wearing screed, minimum 15 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Heavy.


Bonded wearing screed, minimum 25 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Heavy.


Floating screed, minimum 35 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Floating.


Fine concrete screed, minimum 25 mm, to BS 8204-3, use class Heavy.

Product Options


- Ronafix as admixture for floor screeds:

The product is intended to be applied within a series of screed specifications.

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