The SP FireStop Slab® has been specifically designed to form cavity fire stops within buildings. It is a one-piece system enabling easy cutting and installation, and also provides a unique lateral compression to facilitate a tight fit. The SP FireStop Slab® can be installed horizontally or vertically and is suitable for cavity widths between 50mm and 400mm in both masonry and curtain wall constructions.

Rockwool insulation products do not contain blowing agents with an ozone depletion potential (ODP) or global warming potential (GWP), are CFC-HCFC-HFC free and 97% recyclable. They will not react with metal components or cause loss of plasticiser from PVC cables and pipes.


  • Easy to cut and install.
  • Ensures site tolerances are accommodated.
  • Independently tested to provide 2 hours of fire resistance.
  • Resists the passage of smoke – aluminium foil faced on both sides.
  • Suitable for cavity widths up to 400 mm.
  • Easy site storage and handling.
  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001.

General information


Easy to cut and install


Stone wool




1000 x 650 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_50_64 Plastics cavity closersPrimary


F30/18 Cavity closers

F30/180 Cavity closers

P10/432 Cavity barriers

P12/360 Mineral wool rigid batts

P12/40 Mineral wool rigid batts

Specification data - Plastics cavity closers

Product Reference

ROCKWOOL SP 60 Firestop Slab

ROCKWOOL SP 120 Firestop Slab


75 mm x 650 mm x 1000 mm

ROCKWOOL SP 60 Firestop Slab.

90 mm x 650 mm x 1000 mm

ROCKWOOL SP 60 Firestop Slab.


Aluminium faced foil both sides

Reaction to fire class

A1 to BS EN 13501-1


SP Firestop fixing brackets

Small up to 100 mm; large up to 400 mm.

Aluminium foil tape

Standard product features

Fire performance:

Non-combustible, achieving a classification of A1 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

ROCKWOOL SP 60 and SP 120 Firestop Slabs have been tested and assessed in accordance with BS 476: Part 20: 1987 and have achieved 60 minutes and 120 minutes respectively for both integrity and insulation, as detailed in LPC assessment CC89697.

ROCKWOOL SP 60 and SP 120 Firestop Slabs comply with the provisions of Approved Document B3 of the 1991 building Regulations (2002 edition).

SP Firestop Systems are third party approved by the Loss Prevention Council Certification board (LPCB) for performance and quality and are listed in the Red Book - certificate no. 022b. Certificates can be accessed online at or

The product has been authorised for use in LUL surface and sub-surface premises when installed in accordance with this data sheet – please refer to the LUL Approved Product Register website for specific details.

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IFC2X3 3 1.3
Revit 2016 4 2.0
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Third party certifications
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board: 022b
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