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ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier

Third party certifications:
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A range of wired mineral wool mats designed to be hung from the soffit or roof construction.

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A range of wired mineral wool mats designed to be hung from the soffit or roof construction to extend the line of a fire/compartment wall or to sub-divide extensive roof voids. ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier has a 25mm galvanised wire mesh to one face as standard, to produce a flexible Fire Barrier with optional aluminium foil faces.

Fix at head using the Rockwool angle support system, comprising an angle support and a clamping plate. At the base it is preferable to either wire the barrier to the ceiling grid or fix using the angle support system, although it can drape freely, turned back across the ceiling.

50 mm Fire Barrier, single and double layers, can be extended from a 3500 mm drop to a maximum 6000 mm drop by fixing an additional 2500 mm section stitched with overlapped joints. Contact Rockwool Technical Services for advice on the use of drops over 6000mm.


  • Fire Barrier Easy Fix System Options are available to provide up to 4 hours fire protection and fixings to a variety of substrates.
  • Patented 'Quick Fix' support system cost effectively installs Fire Barriers for periods up to 60 minutes.
  • Ease of construction and installation reduces the risk of installation errors.
  • Extended drops easily catered for with system capable of maintaining its performance in void heights up to 10.5 meters.
  • Systems available to provide up to 4 hours Fire Protection.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_80_77_76_53 Mineral wool duct slab insulationPrimary


K10/530 Cavity fire barriers within partitions/ wall linings

K10/545 Cavity fire barriers within suspended ceilings

K40/287 Cavity barriers

K40/60 Cavity fire barriers

K45/13 Suspended ceiling system alterations

P10/410 Flexible cavity barriers

P10/430 Wired mineral wool small cavity barriers

P10/440 Fire protection

P10/75 Wired small cavity barriers

Specification data - Mineral wool duct slab insulation

Product Reference

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier


50 mm

60 mm


1000 mm


4000 mm

3500 mm



Foil facing 1 side

Foil facing 2 sides


1 side

2 sides


ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier Angle Support

ROCKWOOL Fire Barrier Clamping Plate

0.9mm galvanised annealed wire

Not supplied by ROCKWOOL.

1.5mm galvanised annealed wire

Not supplied by ROCKWOOL.

Standard product features


  • Non-combustible, achieving a classification of A1 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.
  • Fire Barrier Systems have been independently tested and assessed to BS 476: Part 22 by accredited laboratories. They are third party approved for performance and quality by the Loss Prevention Council Certification board (LPCB) and are listed in their Fire and Security ‘Red Book’ - certificate no. 022c. Certificates can be accessed online at www.rockwool.co.uk or www.redbooklive.com.
  • The product has been authorised for use in LUL surface and sub-surface premises when installed in accordance with this data sheet – please refer to the LUL Approved Product Register website www.LU-apr.uk for specific details.
  • Fire Barrier Systems are part of the ROCKWOOL SoundPro range of acoustic solutions. The correct use of Fire Barrier within structural cavities and voids will reduce the level of transmitted sound.

Third party certifications
  • LPCB approved: cert.No. 022c
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