Rim-ex wall-hung WC pan, without bidet function; 550 mm.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_94 WC pansPrimary


N13/10 WC pans and flushing arrangements

N13/300 WCs and cisterns

Specification data - WC pans

Product Reference

Rim-Ex Wall-hung WC Pan, 550 mm


7830B401-0075, hidden fixation, matte white

7830B403-0075, hidden fixation, white

7830B420-0075, hidden fixation, matte taupe

7830B450-0075, hidden fixation, matte mink

7830B483-0075, hidden fixation, matte black

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

Size: 550 mm.

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